Manifesting Money Meditations!


Yes, I'm celebrating life playing in a pile of $20,000! AND YES THOSE ARE ALL $100 NOTES!

Here is a photo of me swimming in $20,000 cash after a few weeks of doing these manifesting money meditations!

"Since January 2006, I had only one real estate deal. This is quite shocking for being one of the top producers. Where were the buyers for the 12 listings I am marketing? Why were the buyers so indecisive? Well, time for Jafree and all my emails that I did not delete as Spam from enlightened beings.  Within a week of listening to the money meditations I received a new construction listing at $3,995,000 in Bedford, NY!  Believe it or not, after only 6 days, we have received an offer very close to the list price.  In addition, I obtained a listing for $1,850,000 in Greenwich CT and presented an offer of $950,000 on another Greenwich property.  I also closed on two properties one for $837,500 in Norwalk CT and another for $420,000 in Stamford, CT.  It seems I am manifesting money all over the Counties!  Thank you!"

~D.P, Greenwich, CT


Experience ALL 4 Manifesting Money Meditations!

These 4 guided meditations will dramatically increase your manifesting ability to create financial abundance in your life!

  • Release negative beliefs stopping you from realizing your unlimited financial freedom and potentiality.
  • Discover your ability to access your divine inner financial guidance anytime you wish.
  • Experience a deep cellular transformation that will shift your financial vibration, allowing you to effortlessly magnetize more abundance into your life!!

What Will Each Manifesting Meditation Do For You?

Each meditation works on a different aspect of our financial frequency to create a complete inner transformation of feeling more prosperity than lack. This is what causes you to manifest money with joy and maintain true financial freedom and physical abundance all throughout your life!

This set of 4 money meditations has been specially designed to work together to support you in shifting out of scarcity consciousness into experiencing your real abundant nature.   


1. Manifest an Abundance of Money!

A powerful 18 minute guided audio manifesting meditation that will dramatically shift you into abundance consciousness and heal any wounded relationship with money! The Manifesting Abundance of Money Meditation will help you heal your relationship with money on the deepest of levels. This guided meditation will lead you through a process where you uncover the limiting belief that is holding you back from your natural state of abundance, release this belief forever, and heal your mind/body from any imprinting leftover by this belief.  If you are struggling with poverty consciousness, get ready to transform your relationship with money, and experience dramatic gains in your level of abundance!! 

2. Meet the Financial Guru Hidden Within You!

This 19 minute guided audio manifesting meditation will introduce you to and create a long term relationship with your own inner enlightened financial guru!  Meeting Your Enlightened Financial Guru will "turn on" your financial intuition so that you can make the right decisions and take the right actions in the outer world.  During this guided meditation you  will   meet your inner financial guru, gain important answers to your questions about your current financial situation, and receive an action plan for you to make more revenue.   Accessing your inner financial guru will allow you to be more confident in yourself and in your financial future.

3.  Reprogram your Subconscious Mind with Money Mantras!

A 25 minute guided audio meditation that reprograms your subconscious mind with 38 enlightening money mantras that are proven to dramatically boost your ability to attract wealth to you. The Manifesting Money Mantra Meditation will support you in building a solid positive foundation for prosperity.  By listening to these 38 mantras daily, you will cleanse your mind-body of negative thinking about money, and reprogram your entire being with the vibration of abundance!

This meditation works with your unconscious mind to deeply plant new prosperity seeds of thinking that will sprout in your future. These mantras can truly work magic.  By just listening to them with an open heart and mind, you will naturally shift your habitual thinking patterns from scarcity to abundance.  


4. The Million Dollar Manifesting Meditation This super FEEL GOOD experience will help you relax about your current financial issues, as well as increase your financial frequency so that you can become financially free! Increase your Financial Frequency and Attract Divine Abundance into ALL areas of your Life! Experience yourself as the divinely rich and abundant being you truly are. You'll connect with an UNLIMITED SOURCE of ENERGY AND RICHES and shower Divine Abundance all over your life!


"Your Money Meditations are simply unbelievably and undeniably very powerful!  I found myself listening to the "Money Mantra" one the most.  Each time I listen to it, it's like you are saying different it has layers to it.  I could feel the difference immediately, I was more relaxed, aware, lighthearted and joyful with a certain knowingness that my very being is in fact proof of unlimited abundance!"

~Jody Sachse, Kennesaw, GA


By using ALL 4 Manifesting Money Meditations you will experience deep feelings of financial abundance, wealth, and freedom!   Most importantly, you will re-connect with your natural state of prosperity and know your true infinite nature.  Very soon you will know what true financial freedom feel like in your life! It is soon to be yours!

Benefits from Downloading The Manifesting Meditations 4 Pack Include:

  • After 21 days of daily use, you'll feel a complete cellular cleansing of negative energy around money.
  • Feeling of completely reprogramming your mind and spirit with real abundance consciousness.
  • A dramatic shift in your ability to take action steps that result in more prosperity.
  • Feeling more confident, powerful, wealthy, and financially free.
  • A deep knowing that you are an infinite being that can manifest what ever your heart desires.
  • A dramatic increase in your ability to manifest your desires easier and faster.



How will The Money Meditations Improve your Finances?


The thoughts that you think create what you attract, manifest and experience in your life. If you think positive abundant thoughts about the world and yourself, you manifest prosperity all around you.  When your mind is submerged in feelings of a positive abundant relationship with money, you will have more to share with everyone and become a money magnet!

Money is truly divine energy.  You deserve to have as much as it as you want because on a deeper level you are already abundant.  You simply reconnect with your basic spiritual essence and you will see and FEEL this abundance is all around you, inside you and manifesting into your bank account right before your very eyes!

"I appreciate these money meditations sooooo much because they mirror and empower my own inner wisdom and guidance concerning wealth. Every time I listen, I experience more good feelings inside me and self-trust. As my inner knowing and guidance becomes more and more empowered, I move into more expansive relationships with myself, with money and with everything in my life. I find these meditations to be a powerful spiritual tool for consciousness shifting. It's as if all the furniture of my spiritual "home" has been re-arranged, making room for plenty more."

~Nancy Madlin


"When I listen to your meditations I feel this awesome vibration run through my body.  It lasts for a few seconds at a time but it feels like a power surge that vibrates up my spine.  I find your money meditations to be very relaxing and they are great to just let them play while I am at my computer. Keep up the good work."

~J.L.,  Indianapolis, IN



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