How to Create

Tantric Intimacy

The 3 Golden Secrets to Creating a Spiritually Sensual Ecstatic Experience with your Partner

By Jafree Ozwald

Tantric Intimacy is touching the divine within ourselves and our partner. It is a spiritual path in itself, which leads to a grounded connection with God through an open hearted connection to our beloved. In real tantric intimacy get to experience our partner in a way where we feel intimately connected on a very sensual level with the God Source. 

In Tantra, when skin touches skin, it is God touching God. We are reaching the highest most ecstatic loving place a human being can achieve. The divine presence within us is fully self expressed, extending out from our merging hearts into the entire Universe.

Tantric intimacy practiced in a long term committed relationship creates a foundation for a empowering partnership and magnetic connection. When you're creating sensually intimate spiritual experiences with your partner every single day, there is such a deep experience of fulfillment and total life satisfaction that you cannot even imagine leaving your partner. You know the levels of profound spiritual completion within yourself are only found with this amazing soul. This creates amazing levels of trust and freedom in the relationship which allow it to be a true long term enjoyable intimate love affair.

When practicing tantric intimacy with your partner the level of attraction and pull towards each other can magnify so much that you might mistake them for the Divine itself. This is where Romantic Love and real Tantric Love need to be defined. The romantic person falls in love getting attached to the persons body, mind and ego. The tantric person rises in love, knowing the whole time it is the spiritual essence making love to itself and through itself. Here are a complete list of signs to look out for to see if your relationship is based on ego or soul.

 When you first start practicing Tantric Intimacy your ego most likely will be leading the way. It will be thinking, what can I get out of this practice for me, instead of thinking what do I have to give to enhance my lovers life. The ego is always self serving in a very contracted time constricted way. The spiritual approach ignites the understanding that there is a very sacred divine being that you're merging with on a very deep intimate level and you should be VERY appreciative and honoring, as if you were going to be making love only this one time.

When you are practicing tantra and making love on a daily basis the level of togetherness and magnetic attraction intensifies. Having some form of consented penetration either soft or hard with your partner is essential to create a Kundalini Awakening together. When your energies are synchronized, and your sex center, perineum and heart is open and relaxed, the Kundalini rises on her on. We enter into the greatest spiritual kingdom where the deepest core of our being is merged with the Divine. The spiritual connection is born out of this sweet safe foundation created in a long term feeling of partnership from both sides.

Learn the 3 essential secrets to accessing tantric intimacy with your partner!

The 3 Golden Secrets to Tantric Intimacy

The 1st Secret

The main goal of this tantric intimate practice is to not reach your normal ejaculation and have a contracted efforting approach when making love. If you wish to reach a cosmic multi-orgasmic state in your life, you have to let go of the old ways you were taught how to have sex. The purpose here is to accumulate energy to ascend to the high and holy Cosmic Orgasm state with your partner. This is built only through many weeks or months of practicing deep tantric intimacy with your partner. This  may include spending hours each day soul gazing, authentically sharing, and laying belly-to-belly in bed. In this practice of soul connection you're naturally breathing in harmony with the others breath, making emotionally releasing sounds, gazing into their eyes to see the soul inside them (and you), while exploring their body sensually. You are constantly opening the heart center throughout this practice which is the main key to its success. This is the foundation for real tantric intimacy and these techniques build a foundation for massive spiritual energy to root itself and will eventually give birth to a Cosmic Orgasm.

"When spirituality and sensuality become one movement, lovemaking becomes a meditation and divine opportunity to evolve on your spiritual path." ~Jafree

The 2nd Secret

The golden key here is learning how to work with your Kundalini so that she is neither too high and overly ecstatic nor too controlled and unable to fully express. The Kundalini is moved with the breath and through the mind circulating energy from heart center to sex center and into the others heart and sex center while in this deep tantric intimate embrace. At all cost s the man must not release a drop of his semen for the Kundalini to rise. He must learn to pull up and in of his energy at the perineum.  This control soon activates his Kundalini when the sex center can be fully relaxed and open, then the Kundalini gently finds its way up his spine. For the woman, she wants to do the same as far as not push for a contracted release or typical climax. She must open and expand her sexual energy as she feels it may climax with any tension to push or reach for an orgasmic peak. Her Cosmic Orgasm comes through surrender, welcoming the ecstasy, opening up to the Divine Masculine entering her. If either person hits a contracted orgasmic peak other than relax and expand their energy inside before they peak, all the tantric energy is lost and the party is quickly over.

"The day on which we come to know the supreme consciousness within us, then the outside world will also appear to us like the expanse of the supreme consciousness. Then we shall touch a stone as if we are touching our beloved, because the stone is not stone, then it is God." ~Osho

The 3rd Secret

Real tantric intimacy to reach the Cosmic Orgasm requires absolute trust and honesty. You must be able to share everything and anything with your partner and be at peace with their response or lack of response. Each day make space to practice sharing information that you cannot share, and talk about everything you cannot talk about. Be radical honest with your partner about everything in words that they can understand and hear. This takes getting to know your partners love language and attuning to their listening.  You must extend yourself while sharing beyond what you feel is your "comfort zone" to talk about what you are unable to talk about. This is a way to rise higher in love by reaching out to your beloved from your heart.  The walls will start crumbling down when you choose to invite in a deeper Tantric Love and intimacy over protecting or defending  the ego.  This practice will create a deepening in vulnerability which cretates room for more openness, intimacy, love, trust and a deeper heart connection. From here you can relax completely into your partnership and yourself free from ego, which paves the path for the Cosmic Orgasm to come flooding in!


"The vision of Tantra is a direct approach towards God, towards Reality, towards that which is. It has no mediators, no middle man. Tantra says, God can ONLY be approached directly, there is no other way. God is immediacy.   God is here now, already always surrounding you."  ~Osho


The 7 Blessed Benefits in
Learning Tantric Intimacy


1. Discover the Infinite Divine Being within your partner and yourself.

2. Reach a higher conscious state of consciousness and feeling of connection.

3. Feel unlimited acceptance and love with your partner.

4. Learn to communicate and listen fully with LOVE

5. Discover how to create safety in your relationship so you can relax, let go and become more wild, free and expressive.

6. Experience a Kundalini awakening that will give you UNLIMITED energy and open the door to your spiritual connection

7. Create an unconditionally loving intimate relationship that provides the most amazing healing feeling!



Bringing the philosophy of Tantra into the exploration of intimacy is a whole new way of being in the world. It is the healthiest way of living life that will save this planet from self-destruction. When each human being is living in tantric unity, the wellspring of peace that it creates makes you want to be gentle with everything. You feel a sense of merging or oneness with life, and a deep wholeness, trust and tenderness inside. This miraculous experience is obviously extremely contagious and causes all the other acquaintances and people you know an urge to develop themselves, and spiritually deepen in the most essential way. 

Why is Intimacy so Powerful?  

 Intimacy allows us to drop our guard so we can be touched by life and touch life on the deepest levels. It lets us be penetrated by love so profoundly that we can carry this ecstasy all throughout our day. Intimacy melts all fear and frees us from the judgments of others. It liberates us completely from our constricted, restricted, protected self.

The truth is that every human being on this planet is afraid of intimacy. We are all terrified of exposing our vulnerability. This is because we weren't taught as children that being human also means that underneath your meat suit you are actually a super powerful immortal spiritual being disguised in human form. So we constantly fear death in a myriad of forms, and this creates the first layer of protection crust around every child's ego.

The fear of intimacy is what causes all of our relationships to struggle and suffer in our lives.  Once we learn how to become intimate with ourselves on a deeper spiritual level, the truth of our infinite divine nature is seen and our egoic protection naturally falls away. We step into a profound intimacy with everyone and everything, and discover our true spiritual experience.

This journey can begin for you today by taking the risk to learn a few simple tantric techniques to begin dismantling the crust of fear around you. This ancient knowledge is simple, powerful and by using these tantric secrets to creating intimacy, you will easily be able to manifest successful loving relationships with anyone you desire.

Tantra is the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable path to spiritual awakening.

Tantric intimacy actually happens when we are allowing the other to see into us (into-you-me-see = intimacy).  Shifting into this paradigm of thinking starts creating fresh liberating experiences of letting go of ego-protection and control over life. We begin receiving spiritual support that one thing we all desire yet often pretend we don't

Most of us were conditioned by the Western cult-ure to be strong and tough when you feel needy, empty and truly crave a good hug.  We were unconsciously taught that our weakness would be a burden on others, and we should learn how always take care of our emotional frigidity ourselves. Especially the more northern colder climate regions on the planet have developed very over productive lifestyles as a mechanism to cope with the lack of intimacy experienced in the cold winter months.

To be emotionally resilient and not to need deep intimate human connection is not what being human is all about. We were born to make love, be intimate, reproduce and discover the tantric spiritual path to enlightenment

The orgasmic channel of our Kundalini awakens when deep warm intimacy and a heart connection is found merging with your partner. This is truly why most of the planet is desperately seeking to find their soul mate so they can discover the divine spiritual awakening within. Your soul mate serves as a conduit to ignite that deeper spiritual connection with the Universal Source. The more we can practice opening in emotional intimacy with everyone in our lives, the further we can look inside and see our true self.

Through these 3 Tantric Secrets, you will learn how to master tantric intimacy, calm your fearful mind, live in a centered body in harmony with your emotions, and manifest the most amazing spiritual life. You will naturally be able to create the profound connection and spiritual partnership you've always wanted and deserved.

 There is No Limit How Juicy 

your LOVE LIFE can Become!

If you always feel lonely or are not at peace with being alone, you are definitely repressing your desire for tantric intimacy. The good news is that you don't need to have a partner to start tantra! Tantra is a state of being that magnetizes your perfect partner to you. When you are opening your ability to let love in, allowing yourself to physically touch everyone you meet, you will melt through your wall of ice-o-lation and discover how amazing life can quickly become!

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