Month: April 01, 2022

Life Mastery, Manifesting

How to Manifest a Magical Life that You Love

Written by Jafree Ozwald   “Misery does not exist in reality but only in mere imagination.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi Mastering life is all about mastering your mind. The problem right now is that your mind right now tends to doubt, and follows these negative thoughts and thus limits your experiences in […]

Enlightening Inspiration

How to Heal your Body of Any Disease

Written by Jafree Ozwald Your body is an amazing healing machine. It already has automatic processes built into it to ensure that it maintains a state of perfect health. Science has found that your body’s cells naturally regenerate themselves at different speeds, depending upon where they are located in […]

Enlightening Inspiration

The 5 Secrets to Revealing your True Spiritual Essence

The 5 Secrets to Revealing Your True Spiritual Essence By Jafree Ozwald “The cage has always been open, and the sky has always been there for us to explore.  Feel the fluttering within, spread your wings and be free!” ~Osho It can happen to the best of us, we […]