Am I destined for poverty?

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H asked 3 years ago

Hi Jafree!
Thanks for all the wonderful messages and I like your money mantra meditation. I have one question about the ideas in that meditation which troubles me.
If one is to receive a large sum of money say a million dollars – by drawing this into the physical through the meditation, are we depleting the money karma of potential future lifetimes (if any)???
I gather from some traditional Indian teachings that our experiences are pre determined but it is not that a particular amount of money is pre determined is my understanding.
If we are not destined to live a life of ease or opulence, will the money just leave us even if it comes miraculously through some process?
I guess also what makes me deserve a million dollars for no particular reason but for more ease and enjoyment? I love the meditation but these ideas also arise….any thoughts are appreciated 🙏🏽🙂
Kind regards, H

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your beautiful inquiry. What a great question! In my direct experience of the absolute, it basically works like this.
Whatever paint you throw onto the canvas is yours. If you paint beliefs in karma or beliefs in limitation, then these are your paintings to look at and deal with. Then they would become your future karma.
The further that you dive down the rabbit hole the more complicated it becomes, meaning free will and predestination both exist simultaneously. So what you experience in life really depends on which one you put more of your focus and attention into. And sometimes you can’t help but focus in one direction because of your past conditioning.
If you completely believe that you were pre-destined to live a life of poverty and struggle because it’s a more spiritual path then this is your karma and creation and so it is…
Dream whatever you want to dream. Believe whatever you want to believe. Just know that there are no actual limitations.
The only imitations you see are created by the mind.
Remember this is an infinite universe that we live in. Look outside at night and see the truth, that in every direction there’s no boundary in space, energy or time, so this defines the law that anything is possible.
The universe would only create imaginary limitations so that we could transcend them and realize each one was just an illusion.
Blessings 🙏

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