Can I manifest this girl to fall in love with me?

Enlightened Beings ForumCategory: PersonalCan I manifest this girl to fall in love with me?
Zaheer asked 3 years ago

Greetings, and abundance of love Jafree! I am your loyal subscriber and have also purchased your super manifesting program. I have a personal question which needs more explanation: So one of my favorite meditations is the blue room meditation because it can be used to manifest in many areas of life. So I like this girl and I want her to become my girlfriend and wife in the future. Can I use the blue room meditation to attract her into my life? I would enter the conscious dream like state, meet her there and sign a letter which says we are both in a loving relationship and love each other and like us both to be a partner and this will be so. She will manifest in the real world correct? 

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 3 years ago

Good question! The real problem here is that if you manifested her into your life using the blue room meditation and the love coming from her was manipulated and created from your intention, then when she spontaneously decides to be with you after many weeks, months or years down the road of being ‘in love’ together your mind will start to question everything.
Your mind and heart would be skeptical that her love is not trying from her heart/soul and that the relationship is not real. Receiving a false or plastic love is perhaps worse than receiving no love at all. If her love is not coming from her soul you would not truly respect the relationship or feel authentically loved anyway.
So the real issue is this deeper ‘I’m not lovable’ pain that you carry inside of which you are not allowing yourself to fully feel and heal. This pain is a hidden part of you which does not fully accept, approve or appreciate yourself as you are, and so it makes you feel unlovable or worthy of being loved.
This unloveable wound inside of you needs to first be healed and once you heal it you can feel that she naturally on her own free will love you just as you are (because this is how you treat you). When you approach her from this place she will feel the difference. Women are super sensitive and intuitive, so she will feel you are coming from an authentic relaxed place of self love inside you and not this needy/desperate wounded ego who is lacking of her loving connection and energy.
So to heal this specific pain you simply need to drop into feeling it and be completely vulnerable with it. Surrender completely to the feeling, drop the stories that arise, and just allow yourself to melt completely. Allow this pain to melt with you and let go into the ocean of God (love) that is all around you now. To do this you must first realize that you are not this pain, and who you are is the source of love itself. The unconditional loving creative all-intelligent God source is in everything and everyone in this universe including you!
From the pure Self loving space she will want to be with you just as you are, and this is where the real magic of love manifests in life. So instead of the blue room meditation it’s much more powerful for you to practice my self love meditation instead. I would recommend that you do this meditation every day for the next three weeks and the shift will happen inside you that will be noticed as a grounded self loved whole healed man by every woman that you encounter, and it won’t even matter at all if you have a woman in your life because he will be so fulfilled by the divinity within you. This is the most attractive and magnetic thing any man can do to manifest the woman of his dreams!
Much love ❤️

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