My daughter won’t talk to me anymore… What do I do?

Enlightened Beings ForumCategory: PersonalMy daughter won’t talk to me anymore… What do I do?
Jafree Ozwald Staff asked 5 years ago

Dear Jafree, it’s been many years since my daughter and I have spoken. I’m 86 years old now, I live in a nursing home alone and don’t feel like I can relate to many people on earth about my life. It’s hard for me to feel sad about my relationship with her as I’m still very angry inside about the way she treated me. I don’t want to die feeling angry at her and disconnected from her, yet she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore and a large part of me doesn’t want to talk to her either… What do I do?

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 5 years ago

The advice I am receiving from higher guidance is for you to focus only on healing the emotional pains of anger, injustice, betrayal and guilt that you are still carrying deeper inside you right now. Really own it, being totally responsible for your creation of it, and the entire situation that you’re experiencing here. Stop pointing the finger outside and start pointing it inside. This is the only way you can take a step towards letting it go so that you are 100% at peace with your past.

I know it may be hard, yet keep feeling into the pain that you are still caring every day. Perhaps take 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes before you go to bed to just allow yourself to feel what’s inside you. Be radically honest with yourself. We often hide disconnect resist and stuff away our pains, pretending that it’s not there by getting distracted by other things like food, social media, hobbies or irrelevant activities that distract us from really feeling and honoring this divine being we truly are.

Your task in life ultimately is to find all of your limitations on love, move into them, through them and remove them. Each day is a new exploration of what it takes to drop all of your fears, ego, masks, negative emotions and truly see the world as divinity itself in physical form. This healing process is all about bringing more awareness to the illusions caused by your pain, and moving them out of your emotional body. Releasing them through feeling them fully and letting pure love, the source of god consciousness penetrate them.

Here is the great secret to healing our pain…

Feeling them is healing them. This inner healing process is all about vulnerability. When you are deeply vulnerable with your pain, it relaxes, opens up and eventually shifts out of you. With each pain that you liberate from your body, you become more clear and capable of connecting with the Divinity within yourself and other human beings. For me, this process of releasing and healing all the wounded parts within myself is the foundation for what creates an enlightening connection with others.

As we heal our wounds, we heal our connection with each other, and if we can become even more vulnerable than what we are comfortable with, we can open our soul up to deeply touch the source of unconditional love who we each are at the core.

Much love ❤️

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