Do I need to protect myself from "Dark Forces"?

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Jafree Ozwald Staff asked 4 years ago

Dear Jafree, I have a question about, “dark forces, ghosts and occupations”, because there are a lot of articles on the internet about it. Some people write, that, while you are on your way to enlightenment/ascension/5D these forces try to block you, occupate you, so that you get ill or crazy. What is your opinion on this subject, Jafree? Do I need to “protect” myself from these dark negative energies or am I protected by GOD, the loving light beings, and higher dimensional beings? Because I am not fully ascended and my vibration still changes and I am sometimes in 3D or 4D. Is there a danger for me and these dark energies and astral beings try to occupy my body and aura? I would be very happy if you could help me with this question and answer it to ease my insecurity and fear about these articles on the internet. I will send a donation to you if you can tell me the price and I will pay with Paypal. Warm regards and lots of love…

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you for asking!! This is such a huge question that I’ve been asked many times in my life. The best piece of advice that I can give you is this. I would first take some time to contemplate and FEEL the first line from the “Course of Miracles” which states…
The ego will always feel some sort of desire, want, or need to protect itself. This is because it has over-identified with the body and thus it feels that it is temporary, limited, has finite resources and thus it needs to defend and protect itself to survive.
Yet, the real spiritual being within us is eternal and cannot die or be hurt by anything in this world. It is like the sun, nothing can touch or taint its eternal fire. See which reality you wish to entertain as true, and which one feels good for you. This is usually how I make these types of deep decisions. I let my body decide for me.
I suggest that you play around with this exploration of letting in the darkness vs avoiding it or running away from it and notice which path feels more empowering for you. You may notice that the more you focus on the darkness the more your ego gets activated and the more you feel a need to defend yourself. 
When the mind is dwelling on dark thoughts, the more anxious and defensive you’ll feel. The more you let go and stop focusing on dark forces, the less darkness you’ll see and attract to you. It’s true that bright lights often attract lower vibrational energies, yet there is an infinite scale of darkness and lightness in the realm of God.
So then that means there is always someone much lighter and brighter than you that you would be attracted to, thus then you’d become the dark force wanting to be closer to the light. Of course, it’s different in that you do not have a dark controlling agenda, yet this is just the ego running the show. 
Let higher self run the show and don’t give into fearing these dark forces. They do exist, as everything you can imagine exists on some level in this amazing infinite multiverse. There is always a balance of light and dark in the Universe. Know this and feel into this perfect balance within you.
There you will find the peace that transcends the mind’s need to understand what to do with dark energy. Focus on the love in your heart, and know that especially those dark forces need love, like everyone in the world. Give them love and watch them melt!!
Much love and fearlessness to you,

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