How to deal with self-doubt and indecision?

Enlightened Beings ForumCategory: PersonalHow to deal with self-doubt and indecision?
louie lou asked 11 months ago

Hi Jafree! I always doubt myself before taking any decision. Do you know a way to always feel that whatever decision I make is the right one? How do you stay in the feeling that you are good enough?

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 11 months ago

Great question Louie!

Many people around the world are plagued with this problem. I can recommend an enlightening perspective that I’ve found that will help you shift this self doubting habit.

The first thing is to recognize when you are listening to  this doubting consciousness ‘radio channel’ in your mind. It’s the channel that is constantly thinking, feeling, listening to and singing songs in your head about doubt and indecision. It is a frequency based in fear that only knows how to approach a life situation from a place of insecurity.

As long as your mind is unaware that you are tuned into this radio channel, you don’t know that you are still interacting with and listening to the world through this fear-based program.

After you become aware of when you’re tuned into ‘doubt radio’, the next step is to learn how to turn down the volume, and then turn the dial to a different radio channel.

This can be hard to do if all you know or songs and stories that are based in fear. So fear may feel familiar and right to you. We need to simply feel the pain that comes with this channel, and the more you feel the pain the more you want to change your channel.

The next step is to relax your body deeply. Then you’ll  be able to feel the feeling in your body of what it’s like to attune yourself to the higher frequency channels that are based in trust curiosity, playfulness and confidence.

Your mind will most likely try to return back to the old fear based stations because it’s trying to protect itself from getting hurt, being taken advantage of, and conned.

Be aware of the fear programming runs deep in our culture. Doubt serves the ego as a false protection device, making you believe that you cannot get hurt if you are constantly protecting yourself all the time.

The problem with this is that you’re also are protecting yourself from the vibrations of trust, joy, and love.
Doubt and fear based thinking is quite an addictive and justified behavior because there are so many unconscious sheeple on the planet living in this frequency.

So basically you have to become like a lion and learn how to get in touch with your deepest inner roar, meaning you don’t give a shit about fear, or the fearful mind afraid of what happens in the future if you make the wrong decision or not.

The lion lives in trust knowing that he is the king of his consciousness and decides what enters his kingdom and what leaves.

To get to this empowering Lion state of mind you have to devour all the fear-based Sheeple living in your brain and divorce the sheeple consciousness in the outer world.

It’s a deep decision you make in every moment of your day, choosing to live the life of a roaring lion instead of a fear shitting sheep.

You choose your experience Louie. Every day you are the choice maker who decides what your experience of reality will be.

There are no wrong choices, there are only harder lessons and easier lessons to learn. After your human life is over you will only have one lesson to learn, which is merging into the God source of love!

So enjoy your dualistic mind and deeply emotional human journey on your way home…❤️🙏🌹

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