How to Become a Multi-Orgasmic Tantric Being in the Bedroom

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Don asked 3 years ago

I don’t believe that an enlightened being would talk about learning how to become a multi-orgasmic Tantric Being in the bedroom. I feel this is taking people back to their animal instincts and they would get attached to one of the most basal instincts associated with the lowest two Chakras (Muladhara/Swadhisthan). Enjoying sex is one thing, yet I feel that entangling people in sex is a big disservice. Associating “Tantra” with “sex” is a lack of understanding of the Yogic sciences. Please enlighten me on this sex tantric subject? Om Namah Shivaya!

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Jafree Ozwald Staff replied 3 years ago

Such a deep and powerful topic to explore….I hope my answer below satisfies you.

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 3 years ago

It sounds from the energy in your email that you clearly have had a deep childhood conditioning that sex is associated with the dirtiest, murkiest, and darkest lower energies and that spiritual connection has nothing to do with sexual energy.

This negative programming is very common, especially in India and very religious groups such as Catholic priests who go on suppressing, rejecting, and denying their sexual energy as Divine energy.

There is much judgment, negativity, and confusion in any religion who preaches against making love from a place of unifying with God. The fact is if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. This is the main point to explore.

The other fact to remember my friend is that you were born from an orgasm, and so your basic nature is orgasmic! When you open up to the possibility that orgasm is a gift from God, and is not wrong or bad in any way, you may one day start to enjoy them on a daily basis??

When I speak about Tantra I’m referring to the path of LOVE, unity, and becoming ONE with Divinity. There are many avenues to reach oneness with GOD and sex is one of them. If you look back to the original root of Tantric Sex from a yogic practice in India you will find there are many temples purely devoted to SEX. Where the lingam and yoni are at the very center and there are hundreds of statues of sexual positions all around the temple like the one in Khajuraho, India.

There were over 200 erotic and exotic temples built from 950 AD to 1150 AD in INDIA showing how sex is worshipped and is very sacred. Today, 25 of these ancient erotic temples are still standing and pose as living proof that sacred sexuality has been practiced for well over a thousand years. Each of the outer temple walls contains many carvings of erotic art, pornographic sexual positions, and masturbation. You can google Khajuraho or Lakshmana temple images to see for yourself.

These sexual statues represent the pornographic play that is designed to uncover the divine goddess and god within us. They show us that sex is an intimate spiritual guide to discover the free-loving, fully self-expressed, wildly creative divine being is who we truly are.

The statues were not created to convey hideous messages of disgust within you otherwise they would have not been created on temples. They are here to create a bridge between sexuality and the sacred. They awaken that sexual being inside you who can feel sensuality is one doorway to the divine.

It is only through the body that we can experience life and discover the experience of God. Without the body there is no life, and no sensuality to taste, touch and feel what this great unification truly is. These temples are living proof that man has been able to find the experience of God through the sensual organs in the body. They enlighten us to this ancient knowledge that we can use every experience we are given in life to enter the Divine.

What is Tantra is a vast subject and highly misunderstood. You need to be very open minded when you approach it especially from the childhood programming you’ve received that says sex is a sin, and connects people to the lower chakras. My friend, you cannot reach FULL enlightenment until ALL of your chakras are open and connected with the Kundalini flowing freely up the spine. The Kundalini starts at the base, closest to the sex, and gathers a fiercely powerful energy there where it is catapulted up the spine.

Tantra is much different than “sacred sex”. It is the oldest and most powerful spiritual practice for creating enlightenment in the world today. It is complete in itself, a way of life where you feel spiritually alive and living each moment to its maximum. The ancient Sanskrit word “Tantra” has a very simple definition that means, “a direct experience of Divinity without a book”. It is the most direct connection we can have with the Divine.

When a couple is focused on having a deep intimate Tantric sensual connection, they are allowing for the direct experience of the other to enter them. It is through this intimacy that profound healing occurs. Does this sound like something your body is desperately needing since there is soooo much agitation in it right now?

In orgasm, the ego automatically releases its habit of imprisoning you in your righteousness about your belief systems and you are truly free. As this sacred intimate connection deepens with your mate, it heals the entire individual and radiates throughout the community. Energetically speaking, one whole couple in love and deep intimacy can provide a light of wholeness for the entire community to follow.

Tantra is the ultimate exploration of the Divine Presence within yourself and the other. It is a release of your mind and ego into the cosmic orgasm that is happening in the Universe. No other experience comes even remotely close in this world to the levels of bliss, connection and peace with another human being.

It is important to know that a Tantric experience does not always have to engage in sexual penetration. An orgasmic Tantra experience can be as simple as a long deep heartfelt hug, or gazing into your beloved eyes. It is all about merging with the Divine, the oneness that we are all connected to.

If there is anything that the world needs right now it’s more intimacy and sensual touch. I’m quite sure your body is currently lacking touch or perhaps don’t even realize how disconnected you are. The thing we run from always becomes the thing we run towards when we approach it with an open mind and give it enough time.

I hope this answer helps shed a ray of light on this immensely important subject. It is sooo important to see the truth in oneself, where we are triggered, and inquire as to why? Being as objective as possible, you may be able to open your mind and explore more sensuality with someone someday perhaps, where you discover your body and their body as a temple to the Divine.

Much love to you,

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