I’m pissed off at my boyfriend, how do I deal with my anger?

Enlightened Beings ForumCategory: PersonalI’m pissed off at my boyfriend, how do I deal with my anger?
Betsy asked 6 years ago

Omg I’m feeling so ANGRY at my man! He is vibing sooo incredibly low right now, there so much fear and frustration in him 😞 It is incredible how he is always focusing on the negative things, always accomplishing things, fear of the future, on how things could go wrong and how stupid people in the world are. I feel like it is so difficult to reach him when he is in this place. What do I do? How to take people out of their fears and start using love as the foundation for their lives instead? 

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 6 years ago

I feel that you will benefit the most by getting this negative vibe out of your system first. Get on your running shoes and run as far as you can into the forest as fast as you can!!!! And scream!!!!! Catharsis is key to clearing your system so you can be a clear channel again.

Instantly after you’ve exhausted all your mad volcano of molten lava energy, lay down and relax. Do nothing but be totally still and silent. Enjoy the release of all that energy and just be quiet and still. You can do this at home in your room too maybe just scream into a pillow and hit the bed so you don’t hurt yourself.

The most important thing in all of this is to realize that all anger comes from ego attachment to desire… and this too is a low negative vibe that YOU are sending out..it comes from an ancient wound of not knowing the truth of who you truly are…creating a false disconnection from your God Source…so Franco is your mirror, your spiritual teacher… showing you to move deeper inside and find your way home.

Once you can respond to his neg energy with love and real compassion, seeing yourself in him… owning your own challenge with negativity and saying the words “he’s just like me“ when you judge him…then you come back to your heart…And then when he gets no judgments or cut off reaction from you and sees/feels truly that you’re coming from a higher consciousness, from understanding, love and real inner peace… understanding the bigger picture…Then he will open soften and walk the same enlightened path you’re walking… yet first you need to transcend your ego and it’s attachments to this world. This is the big game, so make it a fun one!! Loving yourself is always the right answer…

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