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Michelle asked 3 years ago

Dear Jafree,
There is this famous quote by J.Krishnamurti:
“I have no problem, because I don’t mind what happens. I don’t mind if I fail or suceed, I don’t mind if I have money or not have money. I have no problem, because I don’t demand anything from anybody or from life.”
In his talk he says that because we deny ‘what is’ and have created the ideal of ‘what should be’, there is conflict. Another example is A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, which speaks about deep surrender to God, to Love. I’m trying to understand how manifesting can be in harmony with living in this surrendered state. Because if we have a desire, even if it’s coming from the heart, and even if we detach from it and surrender; when we try to manifest it, aren’t we still expecting something from the Universe and deny what is? Shouldn’t we rather aim to feel Love in every moment independent of what happens, so that we don’t feel like we need to manifest anything? I can’t find a balance between surrendering completely to God, and at the same time trying to manifest certain outcomes. It feels like when I surrender completely to where the Universe, this Divine Intelligence wants me to be, then I can’t take charge myself of where I am going. Isn’t it that when we try to manifest a desire, we are actually standing in the way of the Flow of Life? I’ve been contemplating this for a long time now, and I can’t seem to find an answer. I would be very grateful if you could share your ideas on this topic.
Thank you so much!
With love,

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 3 years ago

Hey Michelle, 
What a divine question! Thank you for asking this. I’ve sat with this same question for many years, and often felt conflicted in myself teaching manifesting to people as well as surrendering to their spiritual path. The best answers to questions are always the ones that bring me the deepest state of peace and quietness in my mind. The answer I’ve found to this sweet deep conundrum is this.
The middle path is what I call the 3rd side of the coin. It’s the edge between polarity, duality and the world that contains opposite energies. Your question in itself contains the answer of finding the edge or 3rd side between the opposing forces of Manifestation and Surrender. Let me explain further.
The ego of course will never be satisfied with any great dream that you manifest. It will always want more and this is its job…to want, need, demand and desire. Ultimately the goal is to drop the ego completely, yet most human beings come into their body from past lives carrying some type of karma and feel incomplete desires, needs, or simply a deep unsatisfied energy. 
This karmic energy we carry inside is what drives every person throughout their entire life to work, grow, heal, learn to love and evolve. Karma is an absolute divine essential ingredient in the awakening process, and without it would be like tasting a stew without any salt or flavour.
For someone to find the spiritual path of surrender, and force themselves to let go of their deep desires, is in many ways operating out of a spiritual ego. The ego is very sneaky in this way, and so we actually need to drop into desire, fulfill them on an energetic, emotional or physical level until we truly feel at peace with them.
This doesn’t mean we have to act on every desire to feel satisfied and find ultimate peace inside, yet when our hearts’ truth is pulling us towards doing something, we are usually following a voice coming from the Higher Self, which sees the bigger picture why we need to take action. We may impact someone else in someway that opens up the entire humanity to function at a higher state of existence.
The secret here is to have reverence for the great mystery of life, and know that both paths are needed to find the middle path in between. The path where you are not attached to manifesting desires and not attached to surrounding to God. They are two sides of the same coin, and you exist on the edge, balancing in between as pure awareness itself. Unattached to what happens or doesn’t happen on either side.
For on the path of surrendering to God, the spiritual ego can sneak in and start to make you feel that you need to work harder and surrender your ego more. It can push you to want to give up all of your attachments to desire, to the world and not be identified with the ego on any level. It can try to push, manipulate and control life so that you are less selfish, more altruistic, and this is also a state of ego that is lacking peace with who or what you truly are.
When you discover the Divinity inside you, realize the Divine Truth of who you are, there is no question about surrendering or manifesting. You realize that you are God and that your consciousness is connected to everything already, so there is no movement to want to surrender or manifest anything. You are one with the flow of life and death energy. Knowing you are eternal and ever present. You naturally have no attachments to anything, as your questions are instantly answered by the divine intelligence flowing through you. I hope this helps!
I suggest reading my FREE ‘Secrets to 5D Consciousness’ ebook that you can access at AND It will dive into more specific details about the essential steps to help you move into 5D (samadhi consciousness) and realize that you are Divinity itself.
Remember, life is meant to be a deeply challenging journey as this is what makes us grow and evolve beyond the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves. The lotus flower is even more precious and beautiful because it has risen up out of the deep dark mud.
Much love to you,

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