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Guest asked 4 years ago

Hi Jafree, 
I’m having trouble understanding the relationship between thought and manifesting.  Here’s my dilemma.  If you want to create for yourself, the reality you wish to experience,(which is an ego desire)  you must focus on what you want and it will manifest.
In order to do that, you must let go of ego desires and connect to your true self.  In order to awaken to your true self, you must stop thinking.  A quote from your latest article states that “one who knows the self has nothing more to do, nor has he any more thoughts.”
So in order to create what you want, you have to be in an enlightened state where you desire nothing.  And you state that whatever we focus our attention on grows.  Our attention is thought driven and therefore you must think to create your reality, yet in order to do that effectively, you must be in a state where you have no thoughts.
How can you create the reality you desire, if you have to be in a state where you desire nothing?  How can you create ego desires, if you must let go of the ego to create these desires?   How can you focus on something, yet not think about it?   
If guru’s and sages understand that thought creates their reality, why do I so often hear them say that people are lost and don’t understand their higher self etc… wouldn’t they be creating us, to not be enlightened, in order to create their idea that we are lost?  Isn’t that somewhat irresponsible?
Is it true that if you focus so hard on a desire… like money for example… that creation will keep you poor, in order to create for you the experience of the desire for money?   You would not be in a position to desire money if you were already rich.
These questions have perplexed me for a long time.  If you would be so kind as to write an article or email answering these questions, I would be eternally greatful.
Thanks again for your work Jafree.

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Jafree Ozwald Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your deep question!

Yes the mind often makes things much more complicated than the truth at hand. It’s like a spider and getting caught in it’s own web. I will try to simplify the answer to your question from my own experience of what I know…

So yes your thoughts create your reality in every millisecond of life, and whatever you focus your attention on energy grows! Fact.

And the mystery of life is infinitely deep as well, as there is the subconscious mind always at play and this is the real manifestation master running the show.

You could call the subconscious the mind of God because whatever it believes in IS what you manifest.

Deep deep deep down inside we are the masters of the subconscious mind, yet to dig into this deep space you need to practice quieting the mind until you reach a space of pure awareness that is without thought.

In no thought, there’s an exquisite level of freedom and manifestation power here. Which if you can remain in it (no thought, positive emptiness, shunyata) you will dramatically raise your frequency and become a magnet for manifesting the people, situations and physical things that make your heart sing! ❤️

Perhaps what you manifest by visualization and mental effort is what your mind/ego desired for years, and now it’s thinking ahhh yea finally I got the millions and nowTHIS will satisfy me and make me fulfilled!

The truth however is the outer world will never be enough for the ego/mind. The ego always wants more. More money, more things, more love, more power, more spiritual realization, more wonderful life experiences!

It gets quite tricky here because perhaps what you end up manifesting is because of what your soul embodied itself here on Earth to experience…call it predestination…and perhaps you manifested it because of your free will and letting go of attachment to the end outcome. And perhaps on the cosmic perspective these are one of the same thing! No matter what the mystery is, whatever you manifest is always a reflection of where you’re at in your energy, attitude, consciousness and spiritual journey. Everything that shows up or does not show up is a teacher for you.

No matter what happens in life, it’s good to know that every atom in the universe is divinely guided and we always get what we need. Even if the ego is having a fit about life not showing up exactly as it wanted. 🙄

So you’re on the right track with opening up yourself to no mind/no thought, diving into the infinitely deep well of pure emptiness. The real question then is how many seconds have you experienced this in your life?

No thought is a state of pure being not separated from divinity and the experience of it will give you all that you ever could want or need. If you ‘maintained’ the no thought state for a long period time (28 minutes) you will reach the first level of samadhi.

In Samadhi, there are no desires at all because you are one with the God source. When you come out of samadhi your relationship with your ego/desires changes as you see a much more peaceful and divinely guided journey to take in life.

Spending time in Samadhi (merged with God) you realize all things are possible because you are ONE with God. Here there is no mind/ego and no illusion of separation anymore. You are freeee!!

You cannot think this idea of emptiness to know it, because you’ll still be in the concept about it. You have to let go and experience it… dive into the truth of it and FEEL INTO the spiritual truth of who/what you are!

Abiding in this realization is the soul purpose of your life and pursuing this Freedom from ego is the highest desire you will ever discover.

Because reaching it you will be deeply blessed and attract all that you need for health, wealth and happiness and much much more.

Sending many blessings to you!
Jafree ❤️🙏

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