Refund & Privacy Policy

Digital Product Refund Policy

All digital products (ebooks, audio files, online courses, videos) that are downloaded through the website have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a product you can request a full refund or an exchange for another product in the shop. The 90-day Super Manifestor Program has its own unique 90-day refund policy which you can view at this link.

Manifesting Session Refund Policy

You must give a 24-hour notice to cancel/reschedule a session unless you have an emergency situation. Otherwise, you automatically forfeit the session and will need to buy another one. Please note that when a manifesting session or mentorship package is paid for, there are no refunds. You may re-schedule a session providing there is 24 hours notice, yet I do not offer refunds because the moment you book your session I begin working with your soul and accessing your Akashic Records long before we enter our meeting online together.

Each manifesting session you receive is guaranteed to help you move through your resistances to transformation, success, and healing, so that you may open up and manifest your dream life. When you book your session you are signing up for a ‘Mentorship Contract’ which is an energetic exchange between you and Jafree. Jafree will look into your Akashic Record before your session and connect with your Higher Self during your session to see what information, healing, and spiritual shifts can be done during the time together.

If you are not satisfied with your session you have the option to receive a second follow-up healing session, or perhaps access to his 90 day super manifestation program, yet no refunds will be made. 

The reason for this policy is because the time and energy that was given to you were focused solely on you and your awakening process, and this in itself is highly valuable.

For example, you would not request a refund for a hands-on healing massage, even if you were not able to let go and relax deeply to receive the healing treatment during the time given. You are paying for my time, and sometimes it’s not always clear what blocks have been uprooted and transformed in your system until much further down the road.

100% Privacy Policy

Enlightened Beings is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and using all private information responsibly. We promise that we will never trade, distribute or sell your name or email address to anyone else ever! Please review our entire privacy policy below.

Your Personal Information

The Enlightened Messages Emails, Enlightened Manifestor Articles, Super Manifestor Affiliate Program, and Enlightened Beings Shop 100% Privacy Policy. 

We ensure that all personal information you provide or gift recipients being voluntarily submitted to us in the processing of your order (to be used for record and billing purposes, etcetera) inclusive, but not limited to, credit card and other personal information, will be strictly confidential and used solely for Enlightened Beings International, its authorized representatives, and employees; for the strict purpose for which it was intended, and for the benefit of the user.

We agree not to share, rent, sell, or release this information to any individual, entity or third party, for any reason, without the specific written consent of the user; with the exception as required by law, regulation, and/or governmental authority. We may, however, from time to time send offers to you or gift-recipients about new items or services that we have to offer.

IP Address and Cookies

Your IP address will be logged with each transaction and the IP address may be used to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer The Enlightened Beings or Super Manifestor websites. Your IP address also may be used to gather broad demographic information and to follow client traffic patterns and site usage. Any cookies that are set or created will pertain to your site and are only used to maintain your session while you are browsing The Enlightened Beings Shop.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers. When you visit our site, we transfer those identifiers to the hard drive of your computer through your web browser. This allows us to recognize you as an individual when you visit our site and set your special preferences ahead of time. To enjoy the benefits of individualized visits to our site, your browser must be enabled to accept cookies.

Your information is Secure

The site makes use of a secure server (SSL) to encrypt all of your personal information. We have set strong security standards to prevent the loss, misuse, or theft of your information once it is in our hands.

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