11 Reasons Why Life is Awesome

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11 Reasons Why Life Is Awesome!
 Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“Know that the Self is the rider, the body the chariot, the intellect the charioteer, and the mind is the reins.  The senses, say the wise, are the horses and the roads they travel are the mazes of desire. The enlightened call the Self the enjoyer when it is united with the body, mind and senses.”  ~ Bhagavad Gita

Not every day in life can be filled with perfect joy, love and bliss. We are here to experience life in a multitude of ways. Have you ever got up the in morning feeling sad and blue and don’t really know why?  If you find yourself ever not wanting to leap out of bed and pounce on the gorgeous day ahead of you, I’ve got something you might want to read below.  It will help you see that every new day is a gift, which we just have to unwrap. The following 11 reasons will invite you, entice you and excite you to open up this amazing gift that you’ve been given.  Just starting your day thinking about one of these reasons why life is awesome will help shift your consciousness in a more enlightening direction.  Enjoy!

1. You are a Super Powerful Manifesting Magnet!  Your body, mind and all the DNA in it are embedded with the natural born power to imagine, create and attract anything that you desire.  Whatever you repeatedly think about, focus on, and dwell upon with any emotion, you simply attract into your life.  Yes, you are THAT powerful!  You are an amazing manifesting machine!  You cannot stop manifesting, even if you tried. Your bodymind is a super magnetic manifesting vehicle that is constantly pulling specific experiences, people and things to you.  It’s all happening faster than you can think, which is why it can be hard sometimes to see that YOU are behind the mind, creating it all.  You are a truly magical being with tremendous power!  You have amazing manifesting powers on this journey, and these are all accessed just by using your creative imagination.

2. You are a precious human being, who is smart and conscious.   You would not be reading this article right now if you weren’t a smart and conscious being who cares about yourself.  This is beautiful, that you take the time to improve yourself and grow in a new dimension.  You care about you and this is an awesome quality to have.  You are Come on now, deep down you know this is true, just receive this information and breathe it in right now.  The love that you give to yourself is so precious, it is what makes your life worth living.  Take this sacred information deep into your heart and soul, the life you have been given is really truly divine.

 3. You live in a divinely intelligent Universe.   All around you is energy that is intelligent.  Science has proven it in every quantum experiment they conduct, the atoms that make up this Universe are highly conscious and intelligent wave/particles. The best part is that you are intimately connected with it all!  Everything in the Universe is connected to you, and it is all sooooo perfect, sooooo divine, and deeply brilliant in the most outrageous ways.  It could not have been designed any better and by anyone smarter, it’s just not possible.  It is a truly fortunate special occurrence that you get to have a body and mind and to be alive in this Universe today.

“The world is a looking glass. It gives back to every man a true reflection of his own thoughts. Rule your mind or it will rule you.” ~Buddha

4.  You have a mind that can imagine anything. We live in an infinite Universe that has NO boundaries. There is always another edge to go beyond and explore. There is no end to outer space, which means there’s no end to inner space.  This means anything is possible on your inner world.  There are no real limits, only the ones you believer to be true.  You can experience anything you can imagine.  You can travel to any destination on your inner world that you can dream of.  Before you go to bed tonight, I invite you to explore something amazing.  Hold the intention to have a lucid dream.  A lucid dream means that you are commanding your subconscious mind to wake up during your dream at night, and that you are aware that you’re dreaming!  From this lucid space you can do anything and everything that you can imagine instantly!  It gives you the experience of what its like to manifest anything you want immediately.

5.  Everything you can imagine is possible to manifest in the physical world.  Whatever you can dream of contains the mechanics and knowledge to create it in this world.  Everything is possible, with enough time, love, desire and creativity, you can achieve anything you can dream about.  Every thought you deem as true on the inside, soon becomes the truth on the outside.  You are perpetually creating an outer reality which you perceive to be real on your inner world. If you come up with a bunch of negative thoughts that say this or that is not possible, and truly believe it cannot be done, well… then the Universe will support you in forming that negative dimension of reality for you.  Whatever you decide is so, is so.  The Universe loves you sooooo much that you get to choose in each moment what you want more of or less of, just by your pure imagination and conviction.  Everything in your life is how it is, because you decided it is so.  Every idea you accept, no matter how conscious or unconscious it is, is manifesting into what you see, feel and experience as your reality.

“Become more innocent, less knowledgeable and more childlike.  Take life as fun, because that’s precisely what it is!” ~Osho

6. You have a physical body with amazing senses.  Your body is your gateway to the Divine.  You have 6 senses always guiding you, tempting you, pleasing you, and giving you a truly sensual experience of life. Your body is the only vehicle you have for accessing an intimate connection with the Divine through the physical world.  You are always experiencing some sensations through your physical body, even if its feeling numb inside.  You have the ability to truly see life, smell life, touch life, taste life, and hear what is happening.  You can listen to what’s going on inside your mind and noises outside of your body.  You also have a sixth sense which is found by being quiet inside and deeply listening to your heart.  This is how you hear your soul’s higher guidance which is always showing you the best path to take, which will ultimately raise your vibration and consciousness.

7. You can experience a state of orgasmic bliss anytime you wish.  Your body is wild free sensually orgasmic vehicle. You can open up a thousand orgasmic doorways and adventure into tremendous states of cosmic bliss anytime that you wish!  You simply start by saying YES to being a truly alive sexual being every moment of your day!  This means you are truly letting life in, and allowing it to sensually touch you in the most intimate ways.  You open your heart to feel the warm sun on your skin, the rain on your face, and allow any sensual tingles of electricity to shoot up your spine and awaken you to the core. You have instant access at anytime to explore this highly enjoyable sexual being that you are.  This divine energy is always inside you, always ready for you to enjoy it. 

“Dive into your heart center. Sit in the silence. Desire self-realization with all your heart, with all your mind, and all your soul.  Cry out for God, and you will be with the right people.   Everything will take care of itself.”  ~ Robert Adams

8. You have the ability to give love, feel loved and be in love.  This is perhaps the greatest reason for being alive that I can think of.  The experience of love is one of the most amazing (if not the only) reasons for being here. You can give a gentle healing touch to friend in need, and allow yourself receive that same loving connection in your heart as well.  Of course many of us have formed walls which protect us from getting hurt.  Yet learning to trust love means we are choosing to soften and deepen inside ourselves, exploring the fullest expression of what it means to be a fully alive human being.  You’ve been given your walls of protection, fear, abandonment and defensiveness so that you can remove them, and let in a richer experience of trusting life and letting in love. In each moment, you have the ability to let down your guard and relax!  This allows you to explore the most warm fuzzy healing sensations that fill your heart, mind and soul to the brim!

9. You are responsible for creating your entire reality. Nobody has more power than you at creating the future life experiences you’ll soon be having.  The all intelligent Universe would have it no other way.  You are in charge of your life, the creative genius behind the show.  Whatever you choose to believe is the way things are in your relationship, is generally how things will go.  The Universe wants to empower you sooooo much that it is continuously giving you the responsibility to choose your reality.  Whatever you decide, the Universe will shape shift it’s divine all-intelligent energy around you to emulate the beliefs you hold your energy and attention on.  Everything in your life is manifested from the choices you make.  Whatever you emotionally believe you are worth, is what you’ll attract tomorrow and start magnetizing today.  The sole job of the Universe is listening diligently to each creative impulse that you have.  It hears you, believes in you and is always magically manifesting your intentions as you create them because you are not separate from it. 

10. You get to learn some deep and powerful transformational lessons here on Earth.  You are in a type of advanced life mastery school, where your soul was sent here to develop, expand and grow.  You’re here to increase your consciousness as quickly and deeply as you can with the time your body has got.  Every experience that the Universe offers you contains the exact ingredients you need to evolve your soul to the next level. The people in your life today are the perfect ones that your soul has been waiting for.  If you love them, you can let them push you deeper inside, into your innermost core so that you discover this amazing divine being you truly are.  

11. Your future is truly bright and flawless.  The future is like a blank canvas where you get to paint anything you want on it.  You can paint misery, joy or anything in between. It’s always your choice.  You get to decide in each moment what your future will look like and feel like.  You get to choose, right now, what will manifest for you tomorrow.  Whatever you desire to create, if you really want it strong enough, it can and will be yours!  The Universe will never judge you about what you want to create, in fact it is the one supporting you in manifesting everything that you do.  You cannot make any real mistakes along this journey because you have an infinite number of lifetimes to get it right.  You are here to learn how to play, enjoy your life, relax into your body and create anything and everything your heart dreams of.  When your belief is strong enough in what you want and you feel truly unstoppable, then your dream will find it’s way into your life at the most precious hour.  Just keep opening yourself up to your dream in life.  You might be amazed at just how powerful you really are, and all the many NEW amazing things you didn’t know about yourself, and would have never imagined were possible.

“All that a guru can tell you is: ‘My dear, you are quite mistaken about yourself. You are not the person you take yourself to be.” ~ Nisargadatta 

Your Manifesting Homework: Right now, I invite you to take this time to stretch yourself far beyond your comfort zone. I’d like you to write down at least 30 things that are awesome about you and your life, right now.  Prioritize this list, starting at the top with the things that are the MOST important to you.  Right now, open up a blank email that you’ll later send to your yourself.  In the subject line put the title, “30 Reasons Why Life Is Awesome!” and let yourself get truly honest with you!   When you reach 30 reasons, send it to you through cyberspace.  Some day when you’re not feeling so awesome about life, you will magically find this email again, and reading through it you’ll remember the real truth about you. 

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald


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