17 Powerful Questions

17 Powerful Questions

Here are 17 powerful and empowering questions to think about and answer this week.  Give yourself a good 3-5 days to really summon your most true and authentic answer.  Enjoy!!

1.  What are your goals in life for the next 5-10 years? 2. What are the most amazing things you are committed to experiencing this week? 3. What do you feel is really stopping you from manifesting what you want? 4. How long do you think it’ll take before you are ready to let go of this block/issue? 5. What will life be like when you’ve achieved your greatest dream? 6. On a scale of 1-100 how confident are you that you’ll achieve your goals this week? 7. What can you do today to make you more confident tomorrow? 8. How many minutes a day would you say you spend time feeling connected to a empowering peaceful inner world?9.  What would you manifest if you knew you could not fail?10.  What kind of thinking do you need to reach your dreams?11.  What are you 100% committed to in your life?12.  What would it feel like to attain your dreams?13.  What is the first step you could take towards manifesting your dreams?14.  What limiting belief is holding you back from living your true potential?15.  What would motivate or inspire you to take action?16.  What one inspired action could you take today?17.  What do you currently do that drains your energy and lowers your manifesting vibration?

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Much Abundance and Blessings To You!Jafree Ozwald

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