Month: November 01, 2022

Enlightening Inspiration

Surrender to your Divinity

Surrender to your Divinity By Jafree Ozwald The word surrender is often greatly misunderstood.  It is not about “giving up”, failing at life or losing anything. Surrender is one of the most beautiful experiences life offers, and it is much more enlightening than you can imagine. Surrender frees you […]

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Real Love Is Natural and Effortless

  Real Love Is Natural and Effortless Written by Jafree Ozwald   “Love is the radiance and fragrance of knowing oneself, of being oneself.” ~ Osho Real love is the greatest experience you are here to master on Earth.  This great love is not something you have one moment […]

Enlightening Inspiration

Secrets to Awakening in the New Age

 Secrets to Awakening in the New Age By Click Here to Listen to Jafree LIVE on National Radio! Jafree Ozwald “Stop imagining yourself being or doing this or thatand the realization that you are the sourceand heart of all will dawn on you.” ~Nisargadatta Maharaj Relax, have fun! This […]