Real Love Is Natural and Effortless


Real Love Is Natural and Effortless

Written by Jafree Ozwald


“Love is the radiance and fragrance of knowing oneself, of being oneself.” ~ Osho

Real love is the greatest experience you are here to master on Earth.  This great love is not something you have one moment and the next moment its gone.  It is what you truly are at the very core of your being. Love is your natural state of existence that is warm, cozy and super expansive!  To find it simply surrender to the essence of your heart.  When you are present to your heart, tuning into its natural rhythm, you are instantly liberated from your ego-mind and its judgments where love gets obscured. As the mind becomes more silent you will exude more and more love naturally and effortlessly without having to do a thing!  The vibration of love is what radiates from you naturally when the ego is put aside and not allowed to run the show.

People of this world may not always be loving with you and interact with a smile on their face because they still believe they are this limited ego-mind.  Forgive them for they haven’t yet been exposed to the God essence on the inside and still think love is found on the outside!  When they realize that an infinite source of love is found without having to leave the house, they will respond to you much differently next time.  Its your job to be an example for them on how live from the heart chakra, so the greatest love comes pouring through no matter where people are at in their spiritual evolution.

While love is always flowing like an endless river inside your heart, it can get obscured by the mind.  When the mind becomes super focused on reaching its desires or avoiding fears and limiting thoughts love tends to take a back seat.  When love is not THE priority in life, its like driving your car around town with your tires half filled with air.  Sure the car will run, yet it you’ll have a very hard time going up hills, making turns and getting anywhere in easily that day. When you operate out of ego (instead of from your heart) you deflate your tires and your life.  You unconsciously leak this natural flow of love from flowing towards yourself and others. It’s the one thing that we all need to be aware of!  For when you surrender to this great love vibration inside your being, your tires naturally inflate themselves and your ride becomes very smooth again. 

The secret to being in love 24 hours a day and living from your heart, is quieting the incessant chatter inside the mind. When the mind is busy working, worrying, planning, achieving, and caught in its general crazy state of panic, it takes your attention away from the heart so that you don’t notice the Love always radiating from within. It’s very challenging for anyone to listen to their silence between each heartbeat when there’s a street full of crazy drunk musicians at the front door making a bunch of noise!  When you are fully rooted in the heart, in this present moment, your mind instantly quiets and you can feel this great love inside you spreading out to the world. You naturally radiate love to all beings and easily see the beauty in all people that you encounter.“Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, regardless of the form it takes.” ~ A Course in Miracles

I invite you right now to try an experiment. Take a few deep breaths and let yourself become very still…like a solid  stone statue. This is a statue that’s been in the same position for thousands of years, so it is really solid and super quiet inside it.  After you feel you are truly inside this solid statue, open just your eyes and look at the world around you.  You may notice it looks different than before.  This stillness will bring out a freshness and new quality of being a vital part of life and the beauty of existence. As you relax deeper into this stillness, you will slowly begin feeling a deeper source of love for everything…especially for appreciating yourself!!  This stillness is what brings the mind to stop so you can feel this energy called love.

The ego has played many games with you. You may have been led into falsely believing that something is wrong with you, and that they are not loveable. The mind has spent thousands of hours in the hot pursuit of love on the outer world, in the form of things to buy that make you look better, only to find that the feeling of love vanishes like a mirage in the desert. The only love that is sustainable is the love that is your natural inherent state of being, flowering from within you. In order to connect with this love, you may first need to dive through limiting beliefs and contracted feelings about yourself to get there.  Eventually, with enough curiosity you’ll discover that you are love, loveable, and deeply loved by the world just the way you are. You can say good-bye to these old ego games, by learning the art of loving yourself and embracing this natural love found inside.

We have a tool that will help you say good-bye to those limiting beliefs stopping you from being happy, alive and in love with your life! This is a highly effective way to quickly discover this great love inside you,  and when you anchor this connection you’ll naturally be able to attract your desires much easier than ever before. Yes! All the energy, love, health, joy and freedom you could ever dream of by experiencing love as your natural state of being! This state can be anchored into your subconscious mind with our Guided Self-Love Meditation. It is time to enlighten your consciousness to the next level with this powerful mind expanding experience!

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Sending much love and great blessings to you!
Jafree Ozwald

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