Month: March 2012

Enlightening Inspiration

Speak That Which Cannot Be Spoken

Speak That Which Cannot Be Spoken Written by Jafree Ozwald “Why hanker for security? Life is insecure in its very nature, hence it is simple logic: those who want to be more alive, they have to live in insecurity.  The greater the insecurity, the more will be your aliveness.”  […]

Enlightening Inspiration

Divine Enlightening Wisdom

"You are the Supreme Reality – all there is. Just trust and remember that. Wisdom lies in never forgetting the Self, the Supreme Absolute as the ever-present Source of both the experiencer and the experience. I am beyond consciousness and so in consciousness I cannot say what I am. Yet […]

Enlightening Inspiration

The 3 Sacred Steps to Healing You

The 3 Sacred Steps to Healing You  By Jafree Ozwald “Turn within and you will become free and liberated, because it’s all a dream.”  ~Robert Adams We all come into this world with a purpose and mission.  Your existence is not by chance.  There is a very important reason […]