How to Start Attracting Financial Abundance

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How to Start Attracting Financial Abundance
Written by Jafree Ozwald

“The Universe has billions of ways to keep us humble and fascinated all at the same time.” ~Mike Pearson

There are many people in the world who don’t realize that the Universe is a magical, intelligent and abundant playground.  They are blinded by limiting thoughts and feelings around money.  These beliefs distract them from being open, loving and appreciative for what they do have and tapping into the abundant Universe that is available.  It is this addiction to desire, to constantly wanting this or that and not getting the ego’s needs met, which eventually creates the lacking stuck feeling on the inside which later manifests into their bank account in the outer world.

Consciously or unconsciously, you are creating your financial situation everyday.  We are either in the habit of proclaiming to the Universe that we are lacking and there is just not enough, OR we are being thankful and appreciative for everything that we do have. Once you see that your thoughts are creating each and every moment of reality, any previous cycle of financial stuckness can dissolve instantly from your life.

What you think about is what you get.  If you visualize the end of the month is going to be tough and feel a ‘squeeze’ happening there, you are manifesting a future financial crunch, and may suddenly feel more stressed, hurried and serious about life.  If you were only looking into your future feeling a sense of abundance with a deep calm serene energy, you’d manifest a very abundant joyful life.  We always manifest situations which mirror the consciousness of where we are at.  Whatever the mind dwells upon, is what we manifest.

Everything changes when you see that right now you have the opportunity to change your financial future.  You can step outside of your financial box, and explore what its like that life is easy for you.  Stop affirming to the Universe (through complaining) that there’s never enough of this or that.  Focus instead on gratitude, and you’ll start seeing opportunities around every corner, knowing this life is a gift everywhere you go.

All suffering comes from a deep demanding and grasping habit that states, “life should be something other than what it is.”  When you relinquish the addiction to this type of thinking you’ll discover deeper feelings of joy, peace and abundance inside.  Through the mindful practice of sitting back from your thoughts, observing the minds habit, inner peace will find you.  You may or may not get all of your egos needs, wants and desires met in life, yet one day you might discover something much better…the secret to totally transcend the habit of suffering.

“The secret of happiness lies in the mind’s release from worldly ties.” ~Buddha

The biggest truth is that no matter how much money you have, the ego will never ever feel that it’s enough. If you had a million dollars the ego would want two million, just for safety and security reasons in case you somehow lost your first million. The game the ego plays is one of lack.  Yet the good news is that this lack forces you to look for real security, that is at the very core of your being.  The ego is here to help you discover true freedom, and redefine who you really are.

If you are not this body, this ego, this mind, or this personality then who are you?  This question takes you on a journey inward, and if you follow it you’ll reveal just how deeply are you connected to the God Source.  If you can let yourself relax and feel this intimate connection, everything will change.  You will instantly boost your financial frequency!  From this deep feeling of inner abundance, you can easily manifest as much money as you want in your outer world. When you meditate on your spiritual infinite nature you realize that you can be instantly free from suffering at any time.  You can see that every high and low in life is just another spiritual learning experience pointing you the way home.

 The most essential practice to start manifesting financial abundance is doing one simple thing.  Soaking, playing and resting in the feelings that you are connected to the God Source.  When you can feel the truth behind this, and start living it everyday, you become tapped into a power that is beyond reason.  You naturally start believing in yourself and create only abundant loving thoughts about your financial future.  You see each situation as an opportunity for growth that is supported by positive empowering beliefs.

.  Through the practice of feeling, knowing and believing that you are deeply connected to the God Source, you discover you are a super powerful manifesting being who can create anything you want!  You can stop feeling like a mouse and relax like a lion.  You can surrender into the feeling that you are enough. Then you can see how futile it is to chase the ego as it runs after the next big piece of cheese that fell on the floor.

“See the perfection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be.” ~ Lester Levinson

On the path to awakening you may come to see that the ego has been pulling the wool over your eyes for a very long time. The ego wants you to believe that there is something in this outer world that will truly and permanently satisfy you.  A large amount of money, a new house, car, lover, new soul mate, or even that new hair style will make you feel fulfilled!  The truth is you will feel good for a short time, yet later you are ensnared again into coming back for more.  The endless cycle of thinking we will be fulfilled by the next desire is one of the most misleading, addictive, and tricky traps to walk around.  Be aware!

The mind definitely has its agenda and it will have its way with you unless you are vigilant with it. When you see that financial poverty and financial freedom are two very powerful spiritual experiences, then you become free from both of them.  When you aren’t attached to or resisting either side, you are simply at peace with your situation as it is. Abundance is our natural state which manifests in our lives naturally when we realize how deeply interconnected we truly are to the God Source.

When you realize that you are not separate from anything or anyone in this world, you’ve taken the first step into financial enlightenment.  Through living with the knowing that you are connected to everyone in this world, you begin overflowing with energy, potentiality and abundance again!  When you start thinking, feeling and vibrating like a spiritual millionaire, you will become one.  The key is to be in a constant state of gratitude knowing you are connect to an Infinite Source at the core.

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Sending lots of love, laughter and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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