Month: May 01, 2021

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Entertainment or Celebrating Life

Entertainment has taken the place of celebration in the present world. But entertainment is quite different from celebration; entertainment and celebration are never the same. In celebration you are a participant; in entertainment you are only a spectator. In entertainment you watch others playing for you. So while celebration is […]

Enlightening Inspiration

The 7 Secrets for Generating Enlightened Sperm

Increase the Consciousness of your Sperm and Improve the Life of your Baby Written by Jafree Ozwald Follow these 7 Steps to Increase Your Sperm’s Consciousness in 3 Days What is Enlightened Sperm? Everything in life has a vibration and consciousness to it.. yes even human sperm! You may think this is a […]

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3 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Many of us within our lifetime will experience some sort of spiritual awakening. It’s a natural part of our spiritual journey and a sign of a maturing soul. Whether an awakening happens through age or strife, it marks the beginning of your path towards self-actualization. A spiritual awakening can be a […]