3 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Many of us within our lifetime will experience some sort of spiritual awakening. It’s a natural part of our spiritual journey and a sign of a maturing soul. Whether an awakening happens through age or strife, it marks the beginning of your path towards self-actualization. A spiritual awakening can be a thing of great beauty, but it can also be a confusing and lonely journey. If you think you’re alone, however, know that you’re not. Those of us who have had profound spiritual experiences may actually be in a quiet majority. Here are some universal signs that you may be starting along your path towards spiritual fulfillment.

1. You Aren’t as Concerned About the Material World

A large part of awakening spiritually is questioning everything that you once held as core concepts and belief. You begin to see that there’s much more going on around us than what we learned as a child. In an age that emphasizes material wealth and tangible goods, too many people lose themselves trying to chase money, fame, or power and finding themselves unfulfilled. A spiritual awakening teaches you to be happy with what you have and place more value on relationships and experiences than in purchases.

2.You Feel Compassion for Others’ Suffering

Sadness and despair are just as important as happiness in a full life. A spiritual awakening may evoke in you deep feelings of hopelessness from time to time, but this is because you’re becoming more aware of suffering in the world around you. A large part of spirituality is insight and empathy into the human soul, and after an awakening, you may feel hyper-aware of the plight of the people and the earth around you. Instead of dwelling in misery, though, you can channel these feelings into something positive.

3.You Feel Disconnected from Your Old Social Network

Having a spiritual awakening is all about change. New beliefs and priorities can sometimes lead to disagreements with long-time friends and family members or even broken relationships. While it can be painful to fall out of touch with old loved ones, loss is a part of life that we all must learn to accept and embrace. On the positive side, you can also seek out new friends who share your newfound path in life.

Without a spiritual awakening, we may find ourselves drifting through life with no concrete goal in mind. Instead of money, fame, or material wealth, the journey towards self-actualization is about discovery. Though it can be difficult and at times painful, your path towards a spiritual awakening will eventually lead you towards lifelong happiness.  Written by Cassie Steele

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