21st Century Millennium Shift

You may have a sense or a “knowing” thata global enlightenment is already happening…

As the world has stepped into the 21st Century we are all realizing that we’ve reached our outer physical limits of exploration and are needing to find the inner world as our endless route of discovery. The inner world is this territory and is being prepared for ALL of us to move deeper into and discover our own divine consciousness and develop our true God given manifesting powers. This global awakening leaves only one place left for everyone to explore… the divine Source of our very nature and being.

The real truth is that the future is so amazingly bright, flawless and perfect already that our limited minds/Egos cannot imagine it’s perfection happening to us. Thus we create a darkness inside to protect us from that which we fear “exists”.  These fears only really exist in our own mind’s interpretation of the Light and our imagination.

In reality, it is our mind that is causing all our problems and delusions. There is only Light and lesser degrees of Light.  There is nothing that’s 100% evil, wrong, bad or void of God.  The mind will make you and everyone around you believe there is darkness here.  There is actually soooo much light and consciousness inside each one of us that if one courageous person came out of hiding he/she would change the way the entire world thinks forever.

How long can you wait to experience THIS truth of your existence?  How long can you personally pretend life is meaningless and comes to a dead end?  How can you NOT believe its a miraculous magical ride all the way home?  It is up to you.  New communities of awakened beings are popping up ALL around our society, in every country around the World.  Now is the time to jump on the Awakening Train and take action with the knowledge you have been given and share your life energetically and generously with the people on this planet today.Take a Dynamic Leap in Consciousness…downloadand experience the  Manifesting Ebook Program online today!Visit:  http://www.manifestingmagnet.com

You can manifest a miracle every day…because you ARE a miracle!Blessings2u,
Jafree Ozwald  



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