24 Hours of Acceptance

For the next twenty-four hours allow yourself to accept whatsoever happens.  Practice accepting the experiences life gives you no matter what they are.  Accept each thought, feeling, decision, doubt, judgement, fear…just allow them in!  Feel them and let them pass through you.  If someone insults you, accept it, let it in and don’t react.  Just watch and FEEL what happens inside.  Notice how you would have responded to the person or situation.

Give this experiment 24 hours.  Really, a full 24 hours…check it out!  I guarantee that you will feel a tremendous relief inside.  You’ll have a profound release from all the resistance and shielding you do in any typical day.  Life will show you that you are much bigger that what you believed you were.  Only 24 hours…you will find much more love, lightness and joy for being alive!  This one day may change your entire life… have fun!

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Sending a deep profound acceptace to you,

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