3 Secrets to Raising Your Manifesting Vibration

The 3 Secrets to Raising Your Manifesting Vibration

Written by Jafree Ozwald


Do you know why some people manifest their dreams easily and effortlessly while others struggle daily and just get by?  The secret to this conundrum lies in discovering the essence of your Manifesting Vibration. This vibration is a real frequency that your body holds and measures the speed, accuracy, and ease at which desires manifest into your physical world. The higher your vibration is, the faster and easier you can attract and experience whatever it is your heart desires.  Someone with an extremely high Manifesting Vibration will only take a few minutes to manifest something miraculous like a diamond ring, while a person with a lower vibration may take years or decades before it is actually in their hands.

This amazing natural ability to manifest all depends on how connected you FEEL with the entire Universe, and how open minded you are to receiving what you want without tension, struggle or effort.   If you choose to jump start and massively increase your Manifesting Vibration, you will attract your desires faster than you believed was possible.  Start with following these first 3 secrets below.  Taking these steps will help you to shift out of struggle-mode and start receiving your life’s dreams with more joy and ease.

1. Do a Daily Manifesting Routine    Increasing your Manifesting Vibration will come naturally by repetitively opening up your connection to the awesome manifesting power buried inside you.  You first need to see yourself as a manifestor on a daily basis and know you have this natural ability inside.  Next, you start a morning manifesting routine to start your day with. By doing a manifesting routine daily you initiate a massive momentum of energy and focus on your dream.  The secret is to find the discipline in your devotion to this new way of being in the world where you have FUN at doing feel good visualizations and that you truly WANT to do it everyday.  You will truly skyrocket your ability to manifest by sticking to a simple daily routine that shifts your consciousness and focus to the higher realms of manifesting.  When it comes to attracting your Dream Life, you will see results manifest much quicker than imagined through daily repetition of an empowering new way of consciously seeing your world.  We’ve done many years of research on what increases ones Manifesting Vibration and have devoted 40 pages of information about it on our Manifesting Manual.  If you would like this sacred information from our 8 Habits Manifesting Routine you can instantly download it in our 90 Day Manifesting Program at: www.manifestingmagnet.com

2. Consciously Release ALL Fear and Negative Energy Inside You Many people don’t know how much negative energy they are carrying around.  Others tend to cover up negative feelings by avoiding them or pretending that they don’t exist when they arise.  The more energy you spend suppressing negativity, the less energy you have for manifesting what you do desire.  Releasing negative energy does not mean tossing it onto a friend or loved one.  It means consciously diving into the negativity inside you and releasing it from your body energetically.  One powerful technique to release negative energy or emotions stored deep in your body is to do emotional release journalling.  Just sit down and start writing everything that you are FEELING on a piece of paper.  Don’t censor or think about it what is being said at all, just let it pour out of you.  It does not need to make sense or write in complete sentences.  Just make sure that your pen keeps moving at all times and when you don’t know what to write, write, “I don’t know what to write.”  Just let the flow of thoughts and thinking move through you into the pen and paper.  After 15 minutes or longer check inside and see if there is anything emotionally churning inside you.  If there is, keep writing, if not take your papers outside and shred or burn them.  As you do this, state out loud to the Universe, “I let this go and am free forever from it!”   You do not need to read what you wrote, just get rid of it.  Whatever you need to remember you will remember, what you don’t need to remember you’ll forget.  If you have a lot of negativity built up inside, you may want to do this every day for a while until you physically feel lighter and less tense about life.  Also, if you still feel like some big negative energy is stuck in your energy field, you can contact Jafree to do a healing session with you over the phone.

3. Let Go of Attachment to Outcomes The more deeply you become attached to a specific outcome, the lower your Manifesting Vibration will tend to be.  Feeling attached to something, someone or an idea literally contracts your entire body and mind because you are holding it too tightly.  Whatever you are attached to becomes a “supposed to” in your life, meaning you’ll feel that, “life is supposed to be this way not supposed to be that way.”  The more “supposed to’s” you hold onto, the more suffering you’ll experience.  Just look at what happens when you hold on to any physical object for to long, your muscles get tired of holding it and start contracting instead of relaxing.  This same principle holds true when you hold too tight onto a specific future experience, desire or idea about this is the way it’s “supposed to” be.  Once you consciously let go of your “supposed to’s” in life you free up that energy and can refocus it back on FEELING your intention has already manifested for you!  This is a fantastic manifesting secret because you can start enjoying your life instantly and you’re attracting your desired outcome to you at the speed of light!  More specific details about how to do this technique are found in our 90 Day Manifesting Program.  Transform your life instantly by downloading it now at www.manifestingmagnet.com

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Many blessings to you,

Jafree Ozwald


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