All Aboard The Manifesting Train!

All Aboard The Manifesting Train!By Jafree Ozwald

Are you standing on the platform of the station called "Just Getting By" waiting for The Manifesting Train to come and pick you up and take you to the Land of Abundance?  Perhaps you have been battling with this feeling of "just getting by" for far too long.  Would you like to know about an easy way to jump on The Manifesting Train today?  You can create the type of abundance you have always known deep down that you deserved and would some day manifest. 

I’m sure that you are asking yourself this important question, "How do I get The Manifesting Train to pick me up as a new passenger?"  The truth is that The Manifesting Train has already arrived at the station and is waiting for you to jump onboard.  It has always been waiting since you were born to take you to the Land of Abundance and Joy-Ville!  The problem is that you have been hanging out on the train tracks of Trying, Efforting and Struggling.  When you are continuously trying to make things better, you’re looking down the wrong train track.  The Manifesting Train does not accept people who desperately “try” to get on the train, it accepts people who are 100% committed and devoted to jumping on with enthusiasm and joy!  The word “Trying” holds a low vibration that is usually followed by an excuse about why you didn’t follow through.  Do not try….just do it!

The Manifesting Train takes those people who are devoted to themselves.  It invites in those who can relax, enjoy life and focus their mind on the great feelings of arriving at their desired outcomes.  All it takes to get aboard this train is to stop trying and start focusing only on thoughts of love, joy, friendship, and abundance.  This is the most direct passage way to the manifesting platform. 

Your mind may be still focusing on playing the acceptable societal game.  Trying to afford a ticket just to get in line so that possibly one day someone might let you on The Manifesting Train.  This is the longest route to Freedom-ville.  You don’t actually get anywhere until you start committing to something radical.  Once you make a conscious decision to do something different, your life will begin to change.  To simply climb aboard The Manifesting Train only takes doing activities that will increase your manifesting vibration every single day.  You must build up a certain momentum in order to step out of the old velvet rut you’ve been in and leap out onto the manifesting platform.   The 8 habits Manifesting Routine is 100% guaranteed to get you on The Manifesting Train in 90 days or less. 

One important aspect of this daily routine is to start your day focused on what you do want to create and fully allow yourself to FEEL what it is like to have already manifested what you desire.  Just spend 5 to 10 minutes a day, preferably in the morning, visualizing what your life will look like (and feel like) once your new manifestation is in place.  Start focusing every free moment of your day onto FEELING your desired outcome has already arrived!  It doesn’t work to just think about it, it’s crucial to actually be able to FEEL what it is like to have already created the abundance you have been searching for. 

Perhaps you just cannot FEEL or SEE your desired outcome clearly?  In our 90 Day Manifesting Program we outline a powerful chapter that will help you move through any vibrational block and shift your energy towards abundance.  If you have major issues with feeling your desired outcome the entire chapter 12 of the manifesting manual is filled to the brim with techniques to transcend your blocks.  With some practice, you will find that it is easy to feel the energy of having already manifested your dreams in your body.

Once you are FEELING your desired outcome is happening everyday, your mindbody will throw you aboard The Manifesting Train.  When you arrive at your desired destination, you will be warmly greeted by other fellow passengers who have also hopped aboard with you.  There are many people aboard The Manifesting Train and are excited to take you with them.  The Land of Abundance is not far away so enjoy the ride!!

Instantly climb aboard the Manifesting Train by downloading The 90 Day Manifesting Program at:

Many Blessings to you!

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