All Paths Lead to Enlightenment

All Paths Lead to Enlightenment
By Jafree Ozwald

There is never a choice you can make, or thoughts you can take, that will lead you closer to the enlightened state.  There is nothing you can think about to create the enlightened state with your mind.  Enlightenment is not something created with the mind, it’s what happens when there is no more mind.  When you are free from the mind, and are purely the watcher and witness of each new moment, then you’ll discover how each path you take leads you directly into the most enlightening experience of your life.

Your mind may get defensive and argue with the statement that, "All paths lead to enlightenment" because it would feel like such a fool for thinking (for soooo many lifetimes) that there was only one way to get there.  It may also have believed that only certain special "holy" people experience enlightenment and it isn’t for the ordinary human being. The truth is that the enlightened state of being is extra-ordinary, and yet is discovered through a very ordinary and subtle shift in perception.  It’s as if you were taking a baby step back from being the witnesser of your thoughts, and resting there as the light of love for an eternity.

All paths lead to enlightenment because enlightenment is not found on any path. It is your natural state of being, where you are merging and already merged with everything that is here now. There is no more fighting with life, you simply allow for everything to be born, fall away or show up as it is.  Enlightenment is a very deep and complete acceptance of this moment of your life. There is no more need to be in any conflict with your decisions as to which way should you go in your relationship, with your job, where you should best live or what should be eating. These answers simply find their way to you when you are on this higher path towards your ultimate state of consciousness and celebrating this spiritually adventurous journey along the way.

 If you want to discover enlightenment sooner than later, keep bringing yourself back to this present moment, don’t just continue following every little thought that flies into your head.  Notice what is happening inside your heart and in the core of your being. This where real spiritual progress is made.  This head trip is just a big distraction on the path to awakening.  If you want to wake up and be free from samsara, allow your awareness to rest inside your heart as often as you possibly can everyday. 

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Enjoy this enlightening day today!
Jafree Ozwald

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