Amazing Opportunity

I wanted to share this opportunity with you… A few of my wife’s clients experienced very dramatic positive shifts in their businesses and in their personal lives this year.  One of them increased her income by 50% over the last three months while another manifested a new career that meets all of his needs emotionally, financially and spiritually.   This week she has three openings for people who are ready to create dramatic shifts in their lives and/or businesses.  If you are ready to shift your manifesting abilities with the help of a personal manifesting coach, please e-mail Margot at: or call 303-926-0003 to set up a free 30 minute manifesting session.    Get ready to start manifesting the life of your dreams!   Many blessings to you, Margot Zaher   President of Enlightened Beings and co-author of Manifesting E-book Program.

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