Are You The Master of Your Financial Destiny?

Are You The Master of Your Financial Destiny?

By Jafree Ozwald

I remember a few times in my life I believed I was not "destined" for great things.  Sure enough I manifested some pretty frustrating situations.  At one point I felt so financially stuck that it seemed like I was constantly drowning inside.  The moment I got up in the morning I was doing this frantic "doggie-paddle" to stay afloat so I could pay the bills and just get by.

Then it happened one day in mid-paddle, I realized that I have a choice in how I feel approach money.  I could create a NEW relationship with it, one that was based on abundance and self-worth, instead of struggle to survive.  I realized that this struggle was manifesting simply because it was exactly what I was focusing upon.  This was the same moment I knew how to become the master of my financial destiny.

The abundance in your outer world (your material possessions, bank account etc) will naturally expand from increasing the wealth on your inner world.   Meaning when you are constantly feeling at peace, joyful, free, and rich with the simple things you have now, you’ll see a GREAT abundance manifest into your outer world. 

Are you ready to stop struggling with your inner world and start relaxing into it?  This is the first step to creating a NEW empowering relationship with money.  It comes from a place of joy and effortless ease, not from panic and fear.  Set the intention to become the master of your inner world, and you will be the master of your financial destiny.  You may have to stretch your imagination to connect with this intention, yet start right now with focusing on the FEELING of what it would be like to have an unlimited supply of money available to you right now.  Relax into this expanded feeling, it is always available to you.  Imagine you are generously and joyfully spending as much money as you can and giving it away to everyone you come in contact with!!  What is it like to be financially free and full of abundance?  Yes you do DESERVE to have this feeling daily!!

I believe that you are the possibility of having an experience of unlimited energy, confidence, love and abundance in EACH moment.   Simply adopt this magical manifesting mindset and awaken the manifestor within you!  Again this is done by creating the most exuberant mental and emotional experience you can imagine right now!  There are MANY benefits.  One person told me that just imagining that they won the lottery helped them release their obsession with winning it every week!   And what happened is they started to create more money since they weren’t wrapped up in those repetitive feelings of poverty, lack and need.  Now this is something to get excited about! 

Right now, you can experience inconceivable wealth my friend.  You now carry a great secret to becoming a money magnet and attracting all the income you need. 

If you find it challenging to relax or visualize this great abundance, click here to instantly download our Guided Meditations for Manifesting Money!

Many Abundant Blessings to you,
Jafree Ozwald

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