Awakening The God Source Within You

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Awakening The God Source Within You

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“The ego will not allow you to see the reality, because it says, ‘I am separate’. The moment the tree thinks it is separate from the earth, it’s starts dying. The tree has to know that it exists only as an extension of the earth. Then it is nourished and fed by the earth. Only then is it at home.” ~ Osho

The world is filled with people who feel they’ve lost their way. Many are facing divorce, drowning in bills, cannot sleep, massively over weight, deeply depressed, eating dead food, deeply unhealthy, perhaps they’ve lost a family member, their soul mate, or even their house, financial security, or worse the hope for a better future. Yes, life can get sooooo intense at times that some people feel they have even lost their minds! When it comes down to it, we have ALL experienced some form of loss. Yet, whatever it is that we lose along this grand adventurous journey (no matter what it is) we must also realize that it is a precious gift, teaching us the sacred art of letting go.

The ultimate truth here is that we cannot take anything with us when we die. There are no cell phones, emails, bills, car payments or bank accounts in Heaven. There is just love, pure unconditional love, and an eternity of time to enjoy it. When this body has served it’s time on Earth and is done here, we take nothing with us but our own life experiences, love and consciousness. So your life experiences, love and consciousness are the most precious items that you are carrying right now. So make them your #1 priority, over all your ego’s needs, fears, wants, wishes, demands and desires. You will find your life suddenly becomes much easier, sweeter, and simpler to live.

We all need some guiding light to show us where to go in life. This greatest light I’ve ever discovered was not in the outer world, yet deep inside at the very core of consciousness.  The light of pure awareness.  If you look close enough, you’ll see that it has a direct consistent connection that is flowing to and from the actual God Source itself. You could miss experiencing this amazing connection because you’re paying more attention to your thoughts about it instead of the actual light of pure awareness. So simply place your attention only on pure awareness, and nothing else.  See what happens!  Try it for the next few minutes and notice if something shifts in how spiritually connected you feel inside.

Often the moment when we forget about our brilliant light of awareness, the mind instantly takes over, and tends to point itself towards it’s desires.  It wants to achieve things to be happy, successful, fulfilled, or heal negative experiences from the past, as it believes these are the main reason why we are not happy today. Yet, these aren’t the real reason why we continue this habit of remaining caught in some emotional gutter. The real reason why we remain stuck in yesterday’s old news is because we haven’t learned how to create a solid trusting connection with the God Source, the source of absolute unconditional love. We’ve forgotten that the God Source is real, that it’s instantly available, that it’s here right now, super easy to access, and the great golden secret how we can all truly enjoy this precious life again.

We cannot fail at ANYTHING in life when we are feeling connected with this great unconditionally loving source within. When we are feeling our soul’s natural connected with it, we relax and start asking ourselves deeper questions like, Why am I really here? What’s the most enlightened thing I can do with my time? What can I do to live out my life’s mission? When we are feeling into our sweet supportive spiritual connection, we instantly stop complaining, let go of our demanding abrasive ego, and start appreciating what is. 

Awakening the God Source within is quite simple, and really boils down to giving up our resistance to our connection with it.  As we investigate further inside ourselves, we can find places where we could start relaxing more about life, and opening our hearts to trusting in life more and more and more!  The God Source is everywhere, there is no place or time you can find to escape from it.  The task then is all about letting go of our resistance to it’s great unending love. 

I once saw a bumper sticker that said, Life is the School and Love is the Lesson. When we open the heart to trusting in the energy of unconditional love, we begin learning the most important lesson we are here to learn.  How to fully embrace, accept and appreciate who/what we really are. We were not born to just tolerate our lives, we are here to celebrate, love and embrace everyone and everything in it. When we stop dwelling on how we were wronged, how messed up we are, or wounded we are by our past, we create a space for love to come in.  Then, we can start using our creative energy to enjoy feeling how blessed we are and amazing it is to be alive!

The secret to awakening the great God Source within, begins with a sincere willingness to let in love. To trust love, to allow love in whenever given, and welcome the vibration of feeling lovable. This willingness is what allows us to stop defending and protecting ourselves from any possibility of future pain. We forget to be afraid of life, of people, of taking risks, of creating intimacy, and getting hurt again.  With just a little willingness to let in unconditional love, we begin feeling more open, vulnerable and excited to allow even more amazing and abundant experiences into our lives. This willingness to let in love is a huge step, and with it we will realize just how beautiful, childlike, and tremendously innocent we truly are. This life is the greatest school there is, and it’s always going to be teaching us what we most need to know about ourselves. 

The experience of letting in love is founded in the feeling of trusting life. There is a part in you that wants to let in love and trust life more than anything, yet is skeptical, doubtful, prideful or may not believe you are loveable. You may have a thousand reasons not to trust in life or love.  It may feel more honest that you doubt yourself, others, and continue to protect yourself from trusting in anyone or anything.  This is how the connection to the God Source gets blocked. It can be quickly shifted however, and this happens by simply relaxing your body, mind, and being willing to trust in how good it feels to trust again. Slowly, you will actually become more trusting, more open, honest, available, receptive and eventually start feeling in your soul’s direct connection to the God Source again.

“The singer exists only in singing. The walker exists only in walking. So is the ego; the ego exists only in clinging, in possessing things, in dominating things. When there is no domination, no desire to dominate, no desire to cling, no desire to possess, the ego starts evaporating.” ~Osho

I invite you to try a little experiment on yourself this week.  Consider that your grand soul purpose in life is simply to trust in every experience you are having within. Trust in every feeling, every thought, belief, emotion, trust in your intuition, and each situation you’re a part of. Trust so fully and deeply that everything inside of you relaxes completely.  Watch how your mind and ego tend to resist trust at first, yet in time they will slowly dissolve into it.

When your trust is absolute on the inner world, it will overflow into everyone in your outer world. Trust in yourself first, in what is occurring within you is the right experience you’re learning the most from.  Making trust bigger than the actual thought, judgment or life experience is the one of the quickest ways to find the God Source within you.  Right now, tell yourself that it’s possible to trust in yourself 100% this week.  Imagine you are doing this and embracing the divine being you truly are.

The simple energy of trusting in life is the secret to opening the doorway to the unconditional loving God Source. It’s really not a tough job if you consider the other possible techniques others are doing to try and reach God. I invite you, I challenge you, and I dare you to fully explore this experience of deep trust.  Relax fully into it, and let it spread all throughout your life!

Take on this trusting invitation first thing in the morning. Feel that it’s extremely safe to let down all your guards today, and walk around with a receptive trusting heart welcoming in life with a big smile. Just try it for 24 hours and see what manifests!  Explore the sensations of being open, welcoming and accepting with all beings, animals, plants, situations, experiences and material things.  Just fake it until you make it, if you need to.

As we relax into this moment and become more open and available to life, all our fears, phobias and pains from the past cannot be found anymore. They are like shadows the disappear when the sunlight enters.  All your hardness and skepticism melts into this sea of this divine trusting energy. Do not underestimate the magnitude of this simple trusting practice.  It is powerful enough to transform yourself and everyone in your world.

There is another great secret to instantly awaken your connection with the great God Source within you.  This is for those who find it absolutely impossible to let their guard down and trust anything at all.  The sweet secret is to enter the black hole of emptiness inside you, and let it empty out yourself completely. Merge with the emptiness and it will help you let go of everything. Just surrender everything inside you and be free from everything.  Let go of your attachment to everything thought and feeling you’re having.  Release your addictions, desires, compulsions, wishes, and beliefs into the empty unknown. Throw everything inside yourself into the emptiness, until you are 100% empty. You won’t be disappointed at what happens next…

The next experience that manifests in this emptying out process is very liberating.  When you are total in your letting go, releasing it all into the emptiness, you create a fresh space for something brand new to enter you. When every hard cold neurosis is out of the way, the pendulum tends to swing back towards feeling nurtured and nourished by life.  The soft warm loving presence of your own soul steps in, and you feel as if life is holding you so closely, warmly, and exquisitely. The emptiness suddenly becomes very full, and you feel as if you’ve become a new born baby suckling on the great Universal mothers breast.  It feels good to know that the great sacred God Source is here now waiting patiently for you to empty yourself out. This is one quick way to immediately reach into Her.

It’s good to know that the magic of discovering the God Source within happens in the simple sweet presence of your own company. When you are truly alone, try out these techniques above.  Let yourself allow this awesome indescribable God force pierce through your heart, soul and consciousness. The pure God Source energy is already penetrating you, you’re simply not aware of it.  The God Source will never reject or deny you.  It is always ready for you to open, wanting to move into you, and there’s nothing you can do to change this.

You must always be aware however, that the mind is always trying to make something happen.  It will try to pave a straight firm path towards what it thinks God is. Yet, it’s this narrow mind habit which causes you to miss God every time. The Universal God Source is too vast, deep and enormous for the mind to contain. The moment you empty your mind and let down your resistance to love, you discover how fun it is to bow down to the Divine. It’s in this moment that the God Source flows into you, when you’re the most surrendered, still and in the most humble state of ecstasy.

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