Awakening Your Heart

For a few moments right now, simply allow your attentionto rest upon your heart.  Feel what is happening inside it.Do you sense that there are walls or shields protecting it,or is it as free as the wind?  Just allow for the heart to havewhatever experience it is having.  Truly allow it to have it’s experience,because the more you can give it this "allowing" energy the more connected you’ll feel with your heart. 

And the more often you can reconnect throughout your day with your heart,the more peace you’ll have within your mind.  Understand this simpleprinciple, and you can master your entire life.  There is sooo much power within your heart to transform everything!  It is the source of love and its very easy to access.  You just relax!  Let go of everything and stop effortingin your subtle ways trying to become "somebody" better or experience somethinggrander.  You’ll soon see your heart has always been there like a radiantglorious flower already blossoming in the warm nourishing Sun. 

"Analysis is the way of the mind, hugging is the way of the heart.  The mind is the cause of all diseases, and the heart is the source of  all healing." ~Osho

Sending lots of heart energy your way…


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