Be Radically Wild and Ridiculously Free

Be Radically Wild and Ridiculously Free

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Be Radically Wild and Ridiculously Free   

 by Jafree Ozwald  

“The wind cannot shake a mountain.  Neither praise nor
blame moves the wise man.”  ~The Buddha, Dhammapada

One of the greatest experiences a human being can have is the feeling of unbounded freedom.  Being radically wild and ridiculously free means there is nothing holding you back anymore. You are fully self expressed, letting it all hang out, exploring every dimension, direction and quality of your being.  

Those good and bad judgments from your mind (and others) no longer have any weight or meaning.  You’ve simply become a fully authentic individual who is total in your creative expression, and who has stopped allowing the mind to dictate your experience of life, in any way. 

You know you are completely free when you start feeling like a child again.  Unpretentious, uninhibited, full of curiosity, spontaneous laughter, playfulness, innocence, and totally unguarded.  You feel safe and protected in each moment, at the same time knowing this life is the greatest adventure of them all.  The inner child in you is always having fun, is in a continuous exploration of life, learning from every little experience the world has to offer.  

You are radically free when you can dive down and explore the deepest darkest trenches of your past, and climb to the highest peak in consciousness you can fathom.  It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s the freedom that is important in this adventure. The freedom to choose the experience you want to have, and immerse yourself into it fully.

When freedom is ignited in your life, it becomes a natural daily occurrence to let your hair down, laugh ferociously out loud, and dance naked under the palm trees.  By getting in touch with this wild childlike ridiculousness inside, you stretch your imagination to what’s possible in your life, and realize you can do anything that you set your heart upon doing.  

Radical freedom is not an easy task by any means. It requires your total being to give yourself to it. This means total devotion, total surrender, and totally giving of yourself to it. There is nothing that you are more passionate about in life than it. It is this level of your totality which leads you to reveal one of the greatest secrets to becoming the master of manifesting your destiny.

On this great inner journey towards absolute freedom, it’s good to know about the 3 types of freedom you’ll discover.  The first two freedoms are created from something or for something.  They are both dependant on things or thoughts outside of you to manifest, and an inner state of freedom, on the inside. These fleeting freeing feelings are obtained by an efforting approach, and not organically revealed.  

The first you find from escaping some form of prison, either emotional, mental or physical.  The second freedom you’ll find from reaching for an end result or achieving some desired goal. Both of these freedoms will come and go like the weather. They are limited time-bound experiences, and not what real freedom is truly about. 

“There are no mistakes anywhere, at any time. What appears to be wrong is simply your own false imagination.” ~Robert Adams

The only thing that is real in this Universe is that which does not change. This is the third type of freedom, which has no outer cause from which it manifests.  The only “cause” from which this freedom blossoms, is the pure heart of devotion to the Divine being you truly are; the inherent recognition that you are an infinite, sacred, unyielding spiritual presence, who is beyond form, and formlessness.  The moment you surrender to the Source of this infinite creative energy inside you is when this real freedom is found. 

When you realize your true nature is infinite, that which has no cause, no beginning, and no end. You feel as if you can never be stopped, blocked or contained. This is the day when something very radical and magical happens inside you. You find it’s pointless to continue trying to pursue the first two freedoms.  

When you have found this real freedom, that which cannot be matched, or compared to on any level, you let go of the fake freedoms and simply rest in the real one. You freefall into the immaculate essence of your being, the central truth of what/who you really are, and this experience is so exquisite and instantly healing.  Best of all, it is always available for you to experience at any time. 

This absolute real freedom is not created by any thought that you can think, thus it can never be destroyed. It is found inside your spiritual nature, the deepest place inside you which is always at ease, deeply quiet, relaxed, and surrendered to what is. The spiritual essence of your being is radical.  

It is open to all experiences in life. It’s willing to explore anything and everything, and this is something that does not change.  This eternal blank canvas of your being is always here, unguarded, and always available for you to experience at any time. 

The first two freedoms can only create more desire and yearning for more freedom.  I invite you to explore them as long as you need to until you are exhausted.  Then, devote your time to exploring the third freedom which is permanent, and everlasting. The third freedom is only found from relaxing with what is.  Having a profound acceptance of this life simply opens you up to the multidimensional all-powerful being, that you already are.  

From this state, you realize how to manifest anything you desire.  But first, you must surrender your efforting ego, and get beyond the judgmental analytical critical limiting mind.  You must relax deeper than the mind, if you wish to find this bliss.  Just start simple, practice being relaxed as often as you can, throughout the day.  Become relaxed about everything happening in your life now, and whatever happened in your past.  With enough digging inside, you’ll reach a deep wellspring of peace.  The sweet calming quality is how you know you’ve discovered it. 

Every human being has the possibility of becoming enlightened.  Everyone has the option to experience the third level of freedom at anytime along their life’s journey. They simply have to want it more than anything else.  If you want this, you will need to overcome the distractions and obstacles of your mind — those ideas, compulsions, and desires, which pull you in every direction, except towards this final freedom.  

Once you step back from the mind, you unlock the door to going beyond every limiting thought you’ve ever had.  The mind is the energetic prison that holds you back from absolute freedom, and when you can step back from it, all your problems instantly dissolve.

The day true freedom becomes The Ultimate Priority of your life, is when this magical manifesting mindset will be downloaded, installed, and set as the new enlightening software, in your brain.  You will start seeing your world very differently.  You will be realizing that anything is possible, and you are not limited by anything at all, except your imagination. You will know, without a doubt, that whatever you focus on, is what grows and manifests, in your life.  You’ll see that once you start dwelling on thoughts of limitation, you begin manifesting more limiting experiences and obstacles in your path. 

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald

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