Being Authentic Is Overcoming Fear

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Being Authentic is Overcoming Fear

Written by Jafree Ozwald

 “Become more authentic and you will have a flowering. And the more authentic you become, by and by you will feel many things are falling away – of their own accord. You never made any effort to do it; they just fall of their own accord.” ~Osho

There is something quite miraculous and magical that happens the very moment we are living our deepest rooted authenticity.  A new fresh you begins to sprout as you are pulled to surrender deeper into your very essence and being.  The attempt to express oneself authentically means there are no hidden agendas behind how or why you are sharing yourself.  You have nothing to hide, nothing to achieve, nothing to lose, and you know there’s nobody to win anything.  You simply cannot and do not want to hold back your most liberated enlightened self any further.  You are devoted to revealing the naked essence of who you are. You are devoted to freedom more than you are to security.  When all of this happens, look out… you’ll soon discover that all your fears and insecurities are quickly fading away.

There is a huge enlightening aspect to being authentic that most people haven’t seen or don’t consider.  When you are truly being authentic, meaning expressing your emotions, feelings, and beliefs from a truly authentic place, a shift happens in your consciousness where nothing tends to phase you anymore.  You aren’t concerned with the opinions of others, or how you need to be to receive the world’s approval.  You are truly free from it all.  You are that deeply liberated soul who is alive behind the scenes enjoying the exotic play of diversity and expression.  Your mouth may be moving, hands flying about in the air, telling the most wonderful story about your life, yet you are not inhibited by it, controlling it or trying to make it into a show. 

No part of you is analyzing, concerned or worried about the expression of information coming through you.  You are like a wild river which has broken through its dam and is now flooding over its protective banks.  There is no more room for being rational, reasonable or remaining within the small confines of your normal social boundaries.  You are in a state of pure unbounded freedom.  There is so much creativity and love pouring through you that you have to sit back, take your foot off the brakes, step fully on the gas, and ride this one all the way through. 

 In the most raw form of true authenticity, you are always ok with letting all your cards be seen on the table.  You don’t shuffle your cards around depending on who is sitting at the table with you.  Your cards are the same.  You are willing to let everyone know anything about you at any moment.  You’ve completely stopped hiding any information from anyone.  From this place you can no longer be afraid of judgment, ridicule or any type of emotional, mental or social enslavement.   You are perhaps for the first time truly living life, breathing in a life that is beyond fear.  Its just something that happens when authenticity is the most important quality to experience.  When there is a willingness to expose the greatest and the most vulnerable parts of you, the most beautiful thing of all manifests itself wherever you are.  You naturally radiate the infinite source of love that you truly are. Here you will discover the strongest roots and wings which ground your being and liberate your soul.

For me, the experience of being authentic is all about finding the deepest surrender.  This means surrendering the egos desires over to the most radical deepest honesty that is bubbling up in that moment. I realize that the more authentic I can be with others, the more free and light I can feel within me. Choosing this as a way of life has changed my world forever.  I remember the day I realized how powerful authenticity was and devoted my entire life to being real.  I instantly felt this heavy burden lifted from my chest.  I knew that my purpose was to love and accept myself exactly as I was, as I was naturally revealing my full naked self with everyone that I met. There was simply nothing to be afraid of anymore.  Failure, loss, fear, desperation, abandonment, these dark experiences could not touch me anymore as I was devoted to revealing the lightness within them.  From this practice I have the most liberating and uplifting experiences out of the most challenging conversations and situations.  The foundation of my life has become the experience of being happy, which comes simply from being free to be me. 

No matter what spiritual path you may be on, when you can fully give yourself permission to simply show up in a real way, being radically real, honest and truthful with everyone about what your experience of life actually is in that moment, you are free.  Your angry victim story, your gripping tale of abandonment, betrayal, loss, or past life karmic patterns all instantly loosen their hold on you.  The most natural and effortless state of joy seems to relax itself into your heart and you feel a deep peace well up inside you. Radical honesty is the doorway to God, and it is what you’ll be doing the day you die and you’re knocking on God’s door to get in, so you might as well begin practicing now eh?

There are many many benefits to being authentic and radically honest.  One big one is that you start taking full responsibility for the life you are creating.  You begin owning the fact that you are a powerful manifesting being who is totally capable of transforming your life in any way you want it to be.  In each new moment you can reinvent yourself.  I find the secret to success with this is all about being fierce with the ego.  Being vigilantly aware of that negative fear based over controlling mindset that is addicted to desire.  It is terrified of being honest and only knows the lie of separation from God.  When you begin lifting the veil that its hiding behind and reveal your true naked liberated self, you find that the purpose of the ego is to liberate you and befriending it becomes the most self loving aspect of your day. 

Always remember, that which is real cannot be threatened.  If you have to defend yourself, and cannot or “should not” reveal something, that wall is there just so you can experience a shedding of another egoic layer and feel even more free!  We all know that everyone is totally naked underneath their clothes.  Its the same deal with the ego.  The ego is just this super tight outfit you’ve been wearing for so many lifetimes that you’ve forgot that you can take it off and be your real God self…natural and naked.   Once you realize how good it feels to rip it off (or take it off slowly and sensually) then it stops creating fear and it transforms into the most enlightening, fun and playful aspect of your day.

“No tree can grow to heaven until it’s roots reach down to hell.” ~Carl Jung

Every human being knows fear, insecurity and smallness intimately.  This is a good thing, for now we know what causes pain and have more awareness of choosing love.  There is no good reason to hide from this pain you’re carrying while you are alive. We all have to face death one final day, so you might as well find peace with the pain you’re carrying now.  The only reason you’re hiding and playing small is so that when the game is over you will get to experience an even bigger expansion and release of it.  Yet, after you’ve just read this sentence you can no longer live in ignorance, unawareness and continue choosing smallness.  Once you’re conscious of it, you have to let it go otherwise you’re making a self sabotaging choice.  You cannot ignore the truth.  You have to choose freedom from this moment on.

The reality is that anyone who knows you can sense when you’re hiding your greatness. They just may have so much compassion for you and fear of facing their own smallness that they don’t tell you when you’re doing it.  Only a good friend will let you know, and say it in a way that you can hear it.  Your job is to listen and respect others when they tell you that there is a deeper authenticity to be explored. They are Gods messengers and they are always right. There is always a deeper connection to God to be explored.  Its an infinitely deep well with many layers to pass through.  The ironic thing is it gets lighter and lighter the further you dive into the deepest parts of it.  Within your exploration of your deepest darkest fear and insecurity, you’ll find there is also your greatest lightness, joy and freedom.

So, do you want to know the greatest secret to being authentic all the time?  It comes from practicing one simple thing.  Constantly relaxing into your body, letting go of your mind, giving the creative energy that rises from that relaxation freely away.  This means your typical day is more about letting go than its about holding on.  Its more about devoting your life to sharing what you can give away, rather than what you can acquire.  You start seeing people as vehicles of receptivity, eagerly waiting for you to come by and receive the boundless joy and love you have to give them.  Your life is a gift, so give it!  Share the appreciation that is buried inside you.  This is one of the most amazing aspects of what authenticity will lead you into. 

The day you’ve found the most authentic relaxed creative expression of yourself you’ll notice a very unique and interesting experience comes with it.  There is a sense of doing an eternal “free fall” into yourself.  Its like doing a back dive off a 9000 ft cliff into a dark abyss which seemingly has no bottom.  You simply trust that the Universe will catch you along the way and is there holding you safely in each moment.  You don’t have to cling to anything, or think about how fast you’re falling, or when you’ll hit rock bottom. You simply practice letting go of life and falling within you.  Relaxing into your innermost being, into the infinite essence of who and what you are.  There is nothing more enjoyable in the long road ahead of you than this.

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Sending lots of love and lightness your way,
Jafree Ozwald

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