Celebrate Who You Truly Are!

Celebrate Who You Truly Are! Written By Jafree Ozwald www.EnlightenedBeings.com   Celebrate the diversity and richness of who you are.  Dive deep into the experience of loving everything about YOU for no particular reason at all.  You are a unique expression of the Divine.  Just let yourself go wild with celebrating this eternal being that you already are!  You could spontaneously start with dancing, singing, expressing gratitude for just being alive.  Look at all of the creativity inside you, and the many blessings the Universe has given you.  You are a super powerful manifestor and you can manifest anything your heart desires!  Celebrating who you are will help you realize the immense truth of your true power.  Yes, you are so amazingly perfect, just accept it and see what it feels like.  The more often you can rejoice in who you are, the more amazing experiences you’ll attract into your life to celebrate.   “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” ~ Oprah Winfrey   Now your ego/mind may ask, "Why should I celebrate little old me?  What have I done or experienced that’s worth celebrating?"  Well, lets just say that whatever you think that is NOT worth celebrating about you, is simply a negative projection from your mind and isn’t real.  The fact is that Universe has given you this awesome vehicle right now where you can experience the unique gift of pure conscious awareness.  This awareness inside you is actually quite amazing, in fact it can fill the entire Universe!  So all of these so called "issues" and personality defects you think you have, are nothing more than reflections of a misguided mind.  Each problem you have is a result of a misunderstanding of who you truly are. 

"Consciousness is the great unexplored area of life, the final frontier. It is the invisible but essential ingredient that even science approaches with fear and trembling." ~Swami Shankarananda

Mankind has conquered the outer world, yet it his inner world and consciousness within that has not yet been fully understood and mastered.  The fact is that we are both human and Divine, and if we weren’t both this would be one pretty boring world.  We each are so absolutely perfect exactly the way we are in this sacred balance.  Just like every blade of grass, tree and rosebush is perfect as it is.  The blades of grass rosebuds don’t negate themselves, compare and judge their differences?  Can you imagine if they did?  They cannot judge, they are simply love itself.  This is your task as well.  Become a wellspring of love for the unique consciousness within you.   All the diversity of this planet is what makes planet Earth such a breathtaking place to inhabit.  Each human being’s uniqueness adds the brilliant color and richness to this planet that we so dearly cherish and love.  Your so called "flaws" as you see them are simply unique energy fields that are like imprints from the world giving you dimension and personality.  You enrich the world just because you exist, and not because of what you do.  This world needs you to be EXACTLY the way you are, or else everyone else wouldn’t be the Divinely perfect way that they are.   "Put yourself in a state of mind where you say to yourself, "Here is an opportunity for you to celebrate like never before, my own power, my own ability to get myself to do whatever is necessary.” ~ Anthony Robbin   You are 100% guaranteed to discover this amazing being that you are if you really slow down, stop and look within.  If you don’t find it instantly, keep looking!  This constant inward journey is your opportunity to grow, and this is definitely worth celebrating!  Stop looking at what you want to change or transform about yourself.  Start focusing on this seed of consciousness within you.  It is amazing to connect with it!  There is sooooooo much to celebrate when you find the immense simplicity of what is inside.  Any part of you that doesn’t feel loved, worthy or deserving to be loved is just waiting to discover this vast consciousness within.  Each part wants to find that it is lovable, and can instantly find this when it tunes into your infinite nature which is Divine and will never die.  Sure, there are zillions of reasons to believe the opposite is true, yet once you start observing this consciousness within, you start taking ACTION in the world from a different space.  You can truly engage yourself in an ACTIVITY while celebrating who you are in the moment.  When you do this, everything will transform.  Here are a few empowering ideas on how you can actively participate in celebrating yourself this week.   – Jump up and down and shout, "(your first name), you are so amazing and perfect." – Throw a party in your honor and invite your closest friends.  Have your friends share why they feel you are a beautiful child of God.  – Send yourself a love note.  Pick out the most beautiful card, and write about how much you love who you are as if you were writing your most beloved partner.  Use tender sweet words of praise. – Sing a song about how amazing you are.  Just make up the words and lyrics as you go.  – Take a day off and declare it your own day to celebrate you.   Spend the entire day doing what you truly and deeply want to do.  Eat ice cream, walk in the park, read a book, go dancing, etc…   "Life has meaning only in the struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of the Gods. So let us celebrate the struggle!” ~Swami Sivananda, Indian Yoga master, Physician, Monk and Founder of The Divine Life Society, 1887-1963   Go ahead…enjoy your life!  You can do it!  Sing praises about yourself in the mornings, just like you would sing love songs to your beloved!  Who you are underneathe all these ideas about yourself is soooo exquisite, soooo absolutely divine and perfect.  If you are challenged by your mind and would like highly effective enlightening tools that will expand your positive expression in the world, experience these life-transformational Manifesting Meditations which you can download instantly by simply Clicking Here!   We celebrate you just the way you are! Jafree www.EnlightenedBeings.com

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