Celebrating The Perfection That You Are!

Celebrating The Perfection That You Are!by Jafree Ozwald
www.EnlightenedBeings.com You are absolutely perfect just as you are.  You don’t need to do anything, have anything, be with anyone, or even reach some lofty dreamy goal to find perfection inside.  The truth is that you are perfect because your inherent nature is divine at its innermost core.  This Universe, this divine existence is perfect, and you are a part of it, so you are part of the perfection!  The only reason you may not experience this perfection daily is because the mind has been playing games with you, comparing, judging, scheming, trying, and focusing obsessively on the imperfections it imagines.  Be aware!  Your mind may believe fully in your imperfections and you may live your entire life in this delusional reality.  Yet, at the core, beneath the beliefs that say you must do xyz to be loved, wealthy, and healed, you will always remain connected to this perfection of existence.  The truth is that the mind can only perceive imperfections by narrowing its focus, and not including the greater whole.  Once you surrender to the whole, open up to the infinite Universe (with you at its center), you start realizing the perfection has always been inside because you can see it on the outside.   Yes!  Everything is truly perfect!  All feelings, thoughts and experiences are perfect in themselves.  They are like colors on a palette, each emotion and thought have a different color or frequency to them.  Wouldn’t the world be a dull sad place if you all of a sudden decided that half of the colors on the palette were not acceptable and got rid of them?  What would the world be like if the color blue or black were suddenly erased from existence?  Just as all of the diversity of color on this planet makes this planet exceptionally beautiful so does the entire palette of feelings and thoughts you possess contribute to your exquisite beauty and perfection.   Don’t be worried if you have only been able to see this perfection inside.  There are many distractions that pull us from the truth of our divinity.  Sometimes we spend sooooo much energy trying to fight off these so called "inner demons" that we simply overlook the perfection of our Divine eternal essence.  This struggle or inner conflict is what truly causes are intense suffering, not the experiences that are happening in the outer world which have triggered these emotions or thoughts.  The secret is to just allow yourself to know that whatever arises for you, be it joy, sadness, or anger is absolutely perfect.  Remember…suffering occurs ONLY when you try to resist, defend, hold onto or change these feelings and thoughts.  Allow the feelings and thoughts to arise, and just witness them like you would watch the clouds moving across the blue sky of your existence.  They are just another color of the palette of life, they are not to be feared or held on to.  If you do hold onto them, and get caught up in the feelings, then even that too is perfect!  The suffering that comes from hanging onto a feeling or thought is also divine since it helps you wake up to your true nature.  After enough suffering, even your ego will be fed up with the drama and be ready to enjoy a new color on the palette, and perhaps a completely amazing expansive new state of mind.  It’s time to remove the veil of disillusionment and start celebrating the perfection of who you truly are!  If you can’t see it inside, simply focus on nature.  Look at the perfection of the oceans, animals, clouds, plants, the sky, stars and existence.  This is what you are connected to on the most intimate levels.  Everything about existence is so absolutely perfect, including any negative things you may see or experience in it.  The more you can relax into the perfection of existence, the faster you can let go of what ever is holding you back from relaxing inside and trusting your true divine nature.  So start celebrating your perfection today by jumping up and down and shouting, "I am perfect and so is the Universe!"  Do this for a few minutes daily, and you will soon feel joy spilling over from your heart and flooding your entire being.  Use this simple technique whenever you feel yourself shutting down, or judging how you are.  Each time you do this, your sense of perfection will grow and you will soon know in your heart of hearts that you are an absolutely magnificent light shining bright in the world.   Experience your life as divine perfection and emerge out of ANY suffering within 90 days or less!  Instantly download our Manifesting Program at: www.manifestingmagnet.com We are always celebrating you!Jafree twww.EnlightenedBeings.com

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