Discovering the Buddha of Compassion

Discovering the Buddha of CompassionBy Jafree Ozwald & Margot

Inside each of us is a light, loving, and truly forgiving energy that can transcend any burden or grudge that we may be holding onto.  We often aren’t aware that we are carrying a heavy load inside, yet when a certain intense topic comes up with our father, mother or sibling it can feel like a 10 ton weight is sitting upon our chest.  The truth is that any self-righteous thought or ego driven belief that we are gripping onto will one day make us feel heavy, tight, or repressed.  Whatever the belief is, if it brings a heaviness into your heart, it’s definitely not worth keeping.  If you look a bit deeper within yourself, you’ll find that a very loving and spacious energy is still alive.  This energy doesn’t care who is right or wrong, how others should or shouldn’t be, or what outcome needs to happen or not happen.  It’s an energy born from freedom, devoted to lightness, and bound by nothing.  There truly is a “Buddha” of Compassion inside you, and this enlightened being has the power to transform your entire life completely.

This master of compassion inside you naturally contains a lighter response to those challenging people, thoughts, and life circumstances.   It’s not that it contains “the correct response”, yet rather it is devoted to everyone (especially yourself) feeling lighter, more loving, and free!  We each have the ability to let go of the past.  We can forgive the other today, simply by starting with forgiving yourself.  Make the choice to embrace this compassion by choosing to respond to everyone with lightness and joy.  Do this inside you right now.  You have full access to this compassionate, forgiving, and more enlightened way of living, simply by choosing it.  It’s just a matter of making it a priority, and seeing it as a possible way of operating in a normal 24 hour day. 

How to access this infinite source of compassion and forgiveness?  Listen closely to your heart, and seek that gentler voice inside you.  Find that voice that is sweet, opens your heart, and is lighter than the other possible responses in your head.  Choose your responses consciously!  This is the key to true freedom, and will allow you to abide in a deep soul connection with everyone.  It is time for you to become the master of forgiveness, lightness, and compassion for others.  Know that there is no greater source of peace than that which can be found inside you right here, right now.

Just for today, look inside yourself with each being you encounter, and release this wellspring of compassion onto them.  Smile, be light-hearted, give them the joy of connecting with you, and you my friend will be soon swimming in an exquisite Ocean of joy everywhere you go.  Tell yourself that it’s easy to let go of the old and embrace the new.  Just follow that lighter freeing feeling all the time.  As you get into the habit of being compassionate with others, this new lighter experience of life will become the foundation of your being.  This is the day your life will truly blossom, and you’ll spring forth into your relationships like the lotus flower rises up to bloom from the deep warm mud below.

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Sending much love and compassion to you,

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