Discovering The Enlightened Secret of Detachment

Discovering The Enlightened Secret of Detachment

By  Jafree Ozwald and Margot Zaher

So there you are… sitting with your legs crossed, visualizing your new dream house, soul mate, lottery jackpot or high paying job you want to manifest.  You want it soooo much that you can almost taste it.  You have been visualizing, feeling and working on manifesting it for quite a while now, yet for some reason nothing is happening.

Should you just throw in the towel and give up?  What is stopping you from manifesting what you so deeply desire? Attachment could be the culprit that is blocking your manifesting vibration.   How does one know when they are experiencing attachment?  You might be suffering from an attachment when you feel that you MUST have or experience something in order for you to feel O.K.  When you get attached to something, your entire being tenses up, and you start to become anxious about manifesting your outcome.  This anxiousness and fear in turn lowers your manifesting vibration, and keeps you from receiving what you deeply desire. The feeling of attachment is very sneaky and can creep up on you when you least expect it.

In fact, you may be caught in a repetitive cycle of being attached to someone or something without even being aware of it.    The easiest way to become aware of an attachment is to notice if you have a contracting emotional charge around a specific outcome.  Do you feel worried or anxious when you think about manifesting (or not manifesting) something in your life?  Do you HAVE TO have this one thing to be happy or truly free?  If you feel any tight, tense or heavy feelings when you think about having (or not having) your desire, you are most certainly playing the game of attachment.

Every human being at some time has experienced some form of attachment.   Many years ago, I (Margot) used to get attached to having certain people become my clients because I knew deep in my heart that I could help them manifest a life that they loved.  I soon discovered that the more attached I became to working with them, the less likely they would choose to become my client.  This occurred because people were subconsciously feeling my inner tension around them becoming one of my clients, causing them to feel uncomfortable around me.

After a while I learned how to be truly 100% O.K. if they decided to work with me or not.  When I discovered how to be at peace with myself no matter what my potential clients decided,  I started to easily magnetize many people who wanted to work with me!  The secret to manifesting is gently holding the intention of creating whatever you want to manifest, and yet at the same time being completely and utterly at peace with the idea of never manifesting your desired outcome.  In other words, it is the fine art of being detached.  When you are at peace with yourself AND detached from your desired outcome, you can relax and allow the Universe to completely and utterly support your manifestation.

Detachment also enables you to be fully open and receptive, which in turn attracts new opportunities and people to you.  Each time you are honestly detached from having your desire manifest, it will materialize for you much faster and far easier. Of course, truly letting go of a deep desire is a tricky thing to do.  Using detachment as a techqnique for manifesting what you want does not automatically guarantee that you will create the outcome you desire.  You cannot pretend to be detached while secretly hoping you will manifest a certain outcome underneath the surface.  Your mind can pretend anything, yet your body cannot lie to the Universe.  If you are using the technique of being detached as a strategy for getting what you want, then somewhere inside you are still attached to having a particular outcome.

The magic of letting go of an attachment only occurs when you truly find this joy, freedom and love for who and what you already are.  Then you can truly let go in your heart of hearts and no longer care about the outcome.  Then, the perfect outcome will always manifest into your life. This allows the Universe to create the most beneficial situation for your soul’s evolution, and gives the Universe more of an opportunity to send you something that is even better than what you originally asked for.

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Many blessings to you!

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