Discovering Your Inner Cosmic Womb

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Discovering Your Inner Cosmic Womb

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” ~ Frank Zappa

Life is our greatest teacher. It has this mysterious seductive way of showing us how deeply powerful, creative, and incredibly penetrating we are. This world wants to be penetrated by you, by your energy, your creativity, your love and your consciousness. That is why it is here. The world is here to experience you, so that in return you get to experience it. This is the cosmic setup, and how we can learn, grow and evolve as infinite souls traveling through life on our mysterious journey home.

We are not just passive observers, watching our lives flutter by. We are also not just actors on life’s stage, playing out these random personalities and the garden variety of roles handed down to us. We are that indescribable expansion and contraction of consciousness that is weaving itself in between.  We are the blend of the observer, the observed and the actor on the grand stage. We are the energy that’s creating our actions and this detached observer who is watching it all magically unfold. We are this interwoven space, this timeless spiritual essence, that is beyond all rational comprehension.

It can be tricky at first to understand that this divine interwoven mystery is what/who we really are.  We’ve been programmed and imprinted to believe we are either this body OR this soul.  That we either spiritual OR material beings.  Yet, if we look with a penetrating piercing mind into the core infrastructure of our human reality, we’ll see that we are both. This Universe is just too big not to contain both, and whenever we begin to identify ourselves with anything other than all 3 sides of the coin, we needlessly suffer.

“Whatsoever is given to you is precious. If it was not so, existence would not have given it to you.” ~Osho

Suffering is not always bad. It is the most wonderful indicator that we are not being receptive, open and available to the Universe. Thank God there’s something to notify us when we are off target! Our suffering however, is not to be taken too personally. Suffering just means the ego (your individuated mind) has got you convinced that it’s in charge and running the entire show. It is a master at pretending that your life is something smaller than the divine cosmic immensity that it truly is. The mind has got you hypnotized into believing it’s miniscule separate version of reality is true.  It’s like a colony of ants trying to convince every human being that their world is the only system that exists on the planet, and the most important one everyone should be focusing upon.

All suffering stems from forgetting our connection with the God Source, which originates from a deeper complaint we have within ourselves that says life should be different than the way it is. The complaining ego doesn’t trust that the all-intelligent divinely creative God Source knows exactly what it is doing.  Our ego maintains it’s kingly or queenly suffering state because it stopped being curious about this awesome divine matrix of life.  It has forgotten about our spiritual freedom, the power of pure consciousness, and our ability to choose what really matters.

“Everybody is carrying around hundreds of masks. Just watch, talking to your lover, your boss, or with a person who is not going to fulfill any of your desires, just watch your face. If you need their help the next day, just watch your face. Is there a moment in your life where you drop all your masks with everyone?” ~ Osho

God exists within everything, including your awareness right here right now. At the deepest level of reality the Universe has given us an opportunity to discover this connection with the Divine, which creates total freedom, love, empowerment and enlightenment in our lives. We are given an opportunity while we are in a human body to create whatever we wish to, including transcending every level of suffering, life mastery, and mastery over our minds. 

Inner mastery is available to anybody who truly believes it’s possible to be free from any type of suffering forever.  Some people however, feel they need to suffer more before they are ready for liberation, while others believe they have had enough and are not willing to tolerate living in some version of inner conflict another day. The most interesting thing I’ve discovered though, is that the people who are truly honestly finished with their own personal suffering toleration project suddenly create an inner shift in their consciousness, that has the most fascinating dimension to it. The begin having a fully open, consistently receptive, welcoming quality to life, which behaves much like a Cosmic Womb, continuously ready and willing to give birth to a deeper connection with the God Source inside.

If we look deeper and begin exploring what exactly is this Cosmic Womb, we see that it is the foundation for all matter and anti-matter.  It is this awesome supremely empty Universal blackboard of which all consciousness and all it’s content fall upon. In a more spiritual context, you might say the Cosmic Womb is the home base where the creative all-loving God Source abides. The womb is the feminine aspect of God, and all matter and consciousness is the male aspect.  Just as you and I came from a womb, everything in the Universe was also born out of a womb as well. It is what existed before the big bang, before the first thought, before there was any empty void in existence.

When we begin personally exploring this 100% pure emptiness of existence, we can often first encounter negative states of emotional sensation such as lack, apathy, loss, or even depression. This is part of the normal emptying out procedure, that is simply a clearing of the ego’s list of negative limiting beliefs it’s been gripping onto. Through a persistent curiosity, devotion, meditation, prayer, or spiritual practice of investigating this purely empty cosmically connected womb-like space inside us, we soon discover something radically divine and absolutely precious abides at the core.

At the core of our inner Cosmic Womb is absolute freedom, true inner peace, an indescribable Self love, a deeply penetrating awareness, and the connection to all the power and energy in the Universe. I realize this must sound quite outrageous and unbelievable, yet when you experience it for yourself you’ll see that’s precisely what it is. The Cosmic Womb is your sacred entry point, your spiritual gateway to instantly commune with the Divine.  When we are inside this absolutely pure empty space, the most direct loving inner guidance immediately shows up, providing the most vital information and insights we were most needing to have.  

Discovering how to live in a constant reverent communion with this sacred womb within is the most solid spiritual foundation that we can relax our entire lives into. There is nothing more reliable since the Cosmic Womb is always there, always ready to be received, and always creating the deepest possible transformation within us. When we surrender deeply to life, we discover our own personal relationship and intimate connection with this deepest experience of reality. And to prove that it is real, we are given the gift of effortlessly finding total mastery over our minds, peace with every emotion we have, a profound unity with our own consciousness, and thus total mastery of our lives. 

“All the greatest treasures are hidden behind that which we wouldn’t want to be with. You’re this ultimate mischief and brilliance. All the wisdom, compassion and treasure is within…so where are you going to hide it? I find it’s such a surprise to notice that who we are is the pulsing heart of the emptiness, the mountain strength of the vastness.” ~Pamela Wilson

The east have known about this purely empty state for thousands of years and they called it Shunyata. It means pure emptiness, yet in a positive sense, not like the negative interpretation that’s cast upon being empty in the West. Since the Western mind is more focused on materialism, productivity and achieving things in the outer world, emptiness would seem like a negative experience for the traditionally conditioned western mind. Because the Eastern mind sees all matter as illusory, transitory, here today and gone tomorrow, then that which is void of matter, purely empty of thought, is understood to be our closest connection to our divine spiritual nature and ultimate foundation.

Discovering a 100% reliable spiritual foundation is the most colossal gift we could ever give ourselves.  Finding that which never changes, is always permanent, always reliable, eternal, indestructible and absolutely free simply sets the mind at ease.  It allows our soul to rest in our body, to experience the feeling that we can be at home here now, no matter what seems to be happening in the outer world.  

The Cosmic Womb is the great doorway to our highest freedom and the full realization of our unbounded spiritual nature. It is our essential entry point for how we can instantly reclaim our real spirituality, which in turn initiates a complete mind/body healing, and permanent access to the state of unlimited potentiality. Just a few seconds in the womb, we immediately experience heaven is within. We encounter a timelessness and infinite spaciousness inside, that opens a purely awakened mind, unstoppable energy and infinite love within ourselves. We discover we are already spiritual beings at the core of every moment.  We experience our spiritual indestructible essence is always here, always now, and always available.

“Right now you have the small light of the ego to help you to see, to grow, to find your way, and you are afraid to extinguish it. Then you will fall into utter darkness for a time while, the dark night of the soul. In a dark night even a glowworm is quite a hope that light exists.” -Osho

The Cosmic Womb inside you right now is easy to discover. In fact, it takes zero effort and energy to realize it is here. The more the mind efforts to try to find it, the more elusive the womb becomes. Your Cosmic Womb can only be found through a deep relaxation into your consciousness.  It is not something experienced when we are unconscious, half conscious or operating in automatic habits of the mind. The womb is only found when the mind is not there. When we are free from the all the demands and desires of the ego, only then can we fully relax, remove all our masks and happily reveal the amazing enlightened being we truly are. 

Your Cosmic Womb is found through a constant experience of receptivity and surrender. When we can became supremely unguarded, free from any need or agenda, only then are we fully receptive and the God Source instantly enter us. We must surrender completely to the totality of our existence, to all our problems and their solutions, letting everything release. In this great letting go, all the answers to life’s greatest questions seem to be painted in perfect pictures on the womb’s vast infinite holy blackboard.

This grand emptiness is so profound that the infinitely creative source has no other choice than to draw out all the answers for you. The power in the womb is so intoxicating and liberating that all your pains and personal issues are orgasmically taken over by the Divine. The womb awakens us instantly, points us back to the most radical essence of what/who we truly are, and gives us exactly what we are most needing to experience.

To initiate the process of discovering your inner Cosmic Womb this week, start with being more allowing, welcoming, receptive and expansive in your thinking than normal. A good exercise is in welcoming each experience of life and it’s opposite. Meaning, welcome in the pain and the pleasure, the joy and the sadness, the frustration and the ecstasy etc. The Cosmic Womb is already allowing all the good/bad experiences in this world to play out on it’s Universal blackboard without discrimination or judgment. It is simply allowing for everything including the mind and it’s various states of consciousness to unfold as they will.

Be like this cosmic blackboard, allowing for all. The very instant we welcome our totality, the dark and the light, we become 100% present to this present moment and the most amazing discoveries are found.  Each moment becomes another epiphany and a holy experience to be revealed. We find every day is a great gateway to absolute creativity, expanded love, and a higher state of consciousness.  Through welcoming all good/bad experiences, we can allow this unlimited God Source of energy to freely enter our lives.

It’s good to know that everyone is going to be reflecting back to you where you are. The world will be mirroring those good and bad parts of yourself that you might not be aware of. If you are feeling stuck in a relationship, trapped in a job, powerless in a financial situation or simply inadequate in your life, you are not feeling into the full contraction AND expansion of your consciousness. Let go of this clinging or resisting either side, and let this grand pendulum swing. if you are welcoming everything on outside AND the inside, you cannot and will not miss the Cosmic Womb.

The good news is that Universe already always loves you. It’s perpetually sending you wake up calls, trying to pour it’s greatness, it’s sweet healing love and wild ecstasy into you. Are you ready for this? Can you handle a cosmic state of ecstasy? Then become ridiculously receptive to every experience in life again. Become like the most beautiful feminine flower tasting the fresh morning rays of sunlight dancing on your skin. God must enter you here, it has no other choice. It must surrender to you if you allow for it to enter you. Simply open yourself up to all of existence. This is the most effortless and easy way to realize and experience your Divinity.

“The ego functions like a blindfold on your eyes. The sun rises and you remain in darkness. The music goes on and on, but you don’t hear a thing. You live in the ocean of love, but nothing is felt. With the ego, you remain like a dying tree, uprooted. Then life looks like this long drawn out tragedy. The whole thing seems to be so ridiculously meaningless, and consciousness seems to be something irrelevant and accidental.” ~ Osho

One last word of advice on your journey into the womb. It is a glorious and ferocious ride and nothing short of that. The mind will have a tendency to try to remain in control, to dictate reality and micromanage your destiny.  This is a very old habit which it’s not going to let go easily. It’s going to try to make you believe it is better not to surrender to existence.  It feels a desperate need for protection, safety, and security.  It tends to live life from a place of fear rather than freedom, love or ecstasy. Just know that any time you are not feeling free, your mind has taken over, has forgotten the Cosmic Womb is here to liberate you, and is desperately trying to escape from some illusionary prison it’s caught in.

The great spiritual setup here is that our souls have signed up for millions of mind games that believe we are imprisoned so that we can break free and believe we are free. We want to experience it all, and will settle for nothing less. Any attempt to be in total control of the game is pointless, and throws our body into a state of contraction. Just understand that your mind is stuck in the habit of constantly attempting to find freedom from an illusionary prison that it created, and all the answers and real goodies you’re seeking are inside this jail cell.  There is no need to escape from it, and when you realize this, the bars and walls suddenly dissolve.

Any seeking for freedom, love or enlightenment in another person, spiritual text, or concept is inherently coming from the feeling of missing out on this divine spiritual womb-like connection within yourself. There is no greater guru than trusting your life and the wisdom in your heart. Realize this deeply and completely. This mind of yours is the only thing blocking you from experiencing this divine God Source connection.  No matter how sacred the mind is, it is still in your way. The mind has you fooled, trying to achieve some personal private goal out there, rushing around as if your soul didn’t have an eternity of time ahead of you.

Be careful of the mind. It acts much like a locomotive coal burning train that’s been hurling down the same old tracks for 25 years. It’s never stopped, it doesn’t know how to stop, or at least consciously. Of course the mind may pause for the occasional red light along the way, yet for it to come to a full complete halt and turn off its engines, whistles and backup motors is unheard of.  If we ever want to discover the Divine Womb and the greatest mystery of life within ourselves, we must abandon this suicidal train for good!  We must leap far from these old tracks, and hurl ourselves into the unknown. It is here that we will find the soft green grass catches our fall, where we can lay the mind down gently to rest, as we bask in the golden sunset beyond the fields, making mad passionate love with God behind the world’s closed eyes.

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