Diving Through the Waves of Life

Diving Through the Waves of LifeBy Margot Zaherwww.EnlightenedBeings.com

I’m standing waist deep in the water watching this giant Hawaiian wave coming right towards me.  I feel a small panic inside as my mind screams, "turn around and run!"  The problem is that I know that if I listen to my terrified mind I won’t make it to the shore and will be crushed by the wave.  The only thing I can do is dive into and through the wave.  If I can conquer my fear I will reach the other side!  So I take a deep breath, relax and dive into it!  I barely notice the wave breaking over head.  It was easy, smooth and even fun!  The wave crashes behind me on the shore and I am safe again.  I think to myself, "That wasn’t so bad."  Oh, no! I see another wave coming towards me.   Again, all my mind says is RUN!! Yes, the truth is that I have had a tremendous fear of these ocean waves…even relatively small ones.  However, my last few experiences in Hawaii have taught me that the only way to easily survive a wave is to face the wave and dive right through it.  One day as I stood in the ocean, I realized that life is like a giant ocean.  There is an ebb and a flow to all things.  Like the ocean, every day waves come rolling into and through our lives.  Sometimes the waves are big and crushing, while other times they are so small that they are barely noticeable.   When a big wave in life comes your way, the best thing to do is to face it.  Even though all of your instincts may say to avoid it and run away, facing it is safer and more enjoyable.  Have you ever been in the ocean and tried to out swim a 20 foot wave?  It is impossible to do so!  If you try to out run it, it simply sucks you in, spins you upside-down and smashes you into the ocean floor within a few seconds.  However, if you turn directly towards the wave and dive underneath it (right when it’s about to break) you will easily pass through.  Even if it is the biggest wave you’ve ever seen in your life, you can emerge on the other side unscathed and even have a smile on your face. Life contains many waves of thoughts and feelings that are much like the ocean waves.  If you try to avoid or "outrun" a problem that is going on inside you by turning your back on it, it will eventually catch up with you and wreck havoc.  In fact, the problem or challenge can seem soooo big that it may hypnotize you with fear by just staring into it.  As soon as this big wave arrives it is spinning your life upside-down and drowning you in its energy.   However, if you face the wave that is coming your way, no matter how big it is, you can handle the challenge much easier by diving into it and through it.   What would a big wave in your life look like?  Perhaps it’s waves of thoughts and feelings about money, relationships, confidence, career, love, sex, or emotional stability?  Whatever the wave is doesn’t matter, what matters most is how you approach it.  I’ve found that to dive through the most challenging waves in my life are much much easier when you feel connected to your Infinite Nature.  This means that instead of getting all caught up in the perceived issue or problem, you remain centered at your core and connected to your divinely confident peaceful Infinite Nature.  In this state, you are able dive right through ANY perceived issue without your ego becoming trapped it. 

Through learning how to connect with your Infinite Nature you uncover an unstoppable fearless confidence inside.  This is exactly what pulls you through ANY major wave that life presents to you.  Once you find this feeling of fearlessness at your core it is easy and FUN to play in life’s ocean.  The key to revealing this fearlessness is to discover that you are an infinite being that will never die.  This will dramatically increase your consciousness and vibration so that you can remain centered and peaceful throughout your day.  With a deeper level of inner peace you can remain clear and confident when those crazy panicky thought waves get out of control.  When you discover this divine fearlessness inside, you will master ANY perceived problem because you know that your mind is actually creating these illusionary waves.  Knowing how to find your divinely confident peaceful Infinite Nature, you can truly start enjoying this big wild wondrous ocean called life.   Discover your divinely confident peaceful Infinite Nature through doing our 90 Day Manifesting Program!  Go to www.manifestingmagnet.com to learn more.

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