Do You See Beauty or Thorns?

"If you are unhappy, it simply means that you have learned the tricks for being unhappy. Unhappiness depends on your frame of mind. There are people who are unhappy in all kinds of situations. They have a certain quality in their minds which transforms everything into unhappiness.  If you tell them about the beauty of the rose they immediately start counting the thorns." ~Osho Are you spending your precious time here on Earth counting thorns?  Focusing on what is not working in your life is what causes unhappiness.  Of course you can be aware that thorns exist, yet wouldn’t you rather remain connected to what IS working in life instead of what isn’t?  You can refocus your thinking patterns on all the nature, oceans, animals, beauty and opportunities that surround you…or upon all the negativity on the planet.  The choice is always here for you to take!

Imagine there are many amazing flowers blossoming in your own backyard right now, and you keep pricking your fingers trying to manage them.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your garden!  You are here for only a short time.  This body will not last forever.  Enjoy it!! 

Take that first step today towards re-connecting with the beauty that is in your life right now.  Send out a big appreciation vibration!!  Perhaps you’ll find it in that certain person, or animal, job, or past situation.  If you can’t find anything, then simply be open and embrace the present moment fully.  When you are truly here now, present to this moment, a divine beauty simply shines through into you.  What is happening for you in this moment?  You’re reading yes…yet what are you thinking about as you’re reading?  Can you be present to that??  Whatever you can’t be grateful for is where your life’s next greatest achievement is about to show up.  Think about it.  You could be grateful for the simple gift of sight.  What do you think a blind man would give to see the beauty of the sun setting today?  I invite you to stop rushing, slow down and re-connect with the beauty and joy that is naturally present in this very moment.  Enjoy!!   Experience many more ways to slow down and access the divine beauty of the now.Download our NEW Enlightening Audio Meditations Instantly at:

Abundant Blossoming Blessings To You,Jafree

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