Don’t Postpone Enlightenment

Don’t Postpone EnlightenmentBy Jafree Ozwald

Many of us are very busy living life.  We have developed very busy minds that are occupied meeting the demands of our agenda.  Rushing here and there, we are trying to squeeze in as many things on our list as we possibly can.  We forget that when tomorrow comes our ego will only present yet another list of demands.  And without hesitation off to the races we go!  We can feel like we are bound by the hands of the clock, attempting to fulfill the ego’s desires every living moment of our life.  We are like mice on a wheel running after a piece of plastic cheese dangling in front of our hungry noses.

If you stop to notice sometime, about 95% of the time the mind is focusing its attention on the outer world.  It is concerned with the body, food, clothes, the bank account, the home, what’s on the TV, our material possessions or friends and family.  There is soooo much emphasis on the outer that we as a society have completely lost touch with the awesome divine spiritual essence found at our core.  We think if we improve or eliminate one of these things in our outer world we will have a new experience on our inner world.  There is such a strong addiction of attention to the outer world, that we have totally forgotten how to access The Divine within. 

So how do we let go of the periphery and rediscover the already brilliant loving enlightened being that is perhaps asleep or hiding within?  We must simply recognize when we are focusing on the outer world, and unaware of this simple divine awesome presence who we really are.  The mind will always want to obsess about or be occupied with something, so why not redirect it towards the infinite divine essence available inside your core!  Otherwise the mind will remain caught up in its typical frenzied, hectic, needy, demanding position thinking it is the general manager of the Universe until your last breath of air. Don’t wait to bring your attention within.  Don’t be afraid or resistant; instead be curious like a child.  The postponement of meeting with enlightenment is simply choosing not to be aware of your divine nature.  There is nothing more simple, satisfying, and easy to attain than something you already have.  It’s like discovering that beneath your house is the world’s largest diamonds.  Why keep searching on the outer when you can simply sit and rest upon the divine abundance within?  It is completely gratifying to the soul to stop the mind, and really relax.  This is the only way to discover deep permanent peace within.

There is one more thing you can do….stop rushing.  When we consciously slow down and become engaged in each experience we instantly become more in touch with our divine infinite nature.  Rushing is an act of violence against your Self.  How can you truly enjoy yourself when you are zipping past each experience at 100mph?  Sure its O.K. to do it once in a while, yet all day long becomes exhausting.   Find that place of stillness within you that is free from efforting to get somewhere more “special” than here now.  God is here now, is there anything more precious than discovering this?  The Divine is much easier to find when you are moving through each experience at the speed of a snail.  Just practice being still when you meditate and know that you are the Divine…

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