Empty Out Your Emotional Refrigerator

Empty Out Your Emotional Refrigerator
By Jafree Ozwald

The last 2 weeks I’ve been in India experiencing a powerful catharsis meditation every morning at 6 am called Dynamic Meditation. The experience is very healing in that it allows you to tap into and vent out your deepest hidden emotions in a safe effective way which eventually liberates you from the inside out.  Whenever we have trauma, anger, sadness, grief or any emotion that isn’t allowed to be felt, experienced and come to completion, it tends to remain buried in the back of what I call our "emotional refrigerator".  Trapped way in the back behind life’s fresh new experiences, these undigested experiences from our past are like leftovers which seem to remain in the far back corners of our emotional fridge, waiting to be eaten or thrown out.

We all have old undigested past emotions trapped inside our bodies.  Your life would be blazing with amazing joy and light in all directions if you didn’t have any leftovers to clean out.  Many of these unwanted experiences we may try to ignore or forget because they are so traumatizing to deal with, so we push them to the back of the fridge to deal with later.  The problem is that life contains a new experience each moment so we can easily become distracted by the new experiences on our plate.  Suddenly years go by and the last thing we want to do is open up whatever was in that old Tupperware tight sealed container of rotting leftovers.

If you don’t know what your leftovers are, just sit silently in a quiet room by yourself for a few hours.  Soon you’ll get a small sniff of a leftover oozing out of its container.  You may instinctively try to avoid the odor and cover it up with a sweeter fragrance, or you may try to fix it up by reheating the old batch in the microwave and attempting to eat it again since there may be a few morsels of nutrition in there.  This may be possible if you’ve got the stomach for it, yet if you have cleaned out your emotional fridge recently I’d advise you to toss everything out with a great catharsis.   The full understanding of why these experiences occurred in your life will come to you at the right place and time.  You don’t have figure out why it happened to you or why you deserved that experience, you just need to clean out the fridge.  The past is a dead thing and if you want to avoid, pretend or ignore any old rank experience inside you, this doesn’t allow room in your emotional fridge for new experiences like love, joy and sensual aliveness to move in. 

There is something very powerful and liberating about releasing all the pent up emotions that are buried inside us.  I often wonder if this joyful feeling of letting them go isn’t the main reason why we tend to hold onto them in the first place.  Yet, there a many wonderful results that occur through deep emotional cathartic release.  You’ll find that over 95% of diseases simply disappear when there is no longer an emotional attachment hooked into your body’s memory of certain events.  We really have no idea how much joy is possible inside our bodies until we get a whiff of clean air when the emotional garbage has left the building. 

 If you’ve found yourself becoming triggered by the smallest things in life, it’s a good sign that you have some of your leftovers are starting to smell, and you’re desperately needing a deep cleaning.  It truly depends on the depth of your curiosity, yearning and courage to explore the darkest corners of your emotional fridge for you to find and toss out your internal leftovers.  The key is to be patient with your investigation and use every little thing that triggers you in life as a light bulb to locate the doggie bags that are hidden deeply in the past. If you would like to experience this cleansing process, I highly recommend doing the active Dynamic Meditation for 21 days in a row to get a full cathartic release.  You can order the music and instructions by clicking on this link.  Enjoy!

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Sending lots of cleansing and healing,
Jafree Ozwald

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