The 7 Secrets for Generating Enlightened Sperm

The 7 Secrets for Generating Enlightened Sperm

Learn how to manifest a new baby in 90 days or less…

Written by Jafree Ozwald

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Enlighten the Frequency of your Sperm
and Improve the Life of your Newborn Baby!!

What is Enlightened Sperm? Everything in life has a vibration and consciousness to it.. yes even human sperm! You may think this is a joke yet 50 years from now this will be common knowledge. Ask any quantum physicist and they’ll agree that a man’s quality of consciousness does affect the consciousness of his little swimmers inside. When any life form is operating at a higher level of consciousness, it simply functions better. A sperm’s mobility, motility, and fertility success are all dramatically improved within a higher conscious man.

If you are a typical man, your ball sack will generate 250 million sperms in 2 days. So tonight you can release the older unconscious crew hanging out in your storage, and follow these 7 enlightening steps below for the next 3 days. This will dramatically transform the energy and consciousness of your troops! Women can also increase their chances of pregnancy by improving their fertility with my proven steps to Enlightened Fertility.

What should men practice before taking the leap to create a baby…

Follow these 7 Steps to Increase Your Sperm’s Energy and Consciousness Today!

1. Meditate on the Actual Sperm Inside your Balls.  Scientific studies have proven that a daily meditation practice brings the entire mind/body system into perfect balance. They’ve also proven that when you focus your mind in a certain direction, quantum particles of energy move there. By imagining your ball sack is filled with millions of tiny sparks of brilliant light (like a billion baby suns) they will feel it. Tune into the sensation you’d have if your sac was sitting in a pool of electric liquid sunlight. You’ll be mystified at how you will quickly ignite the most en-lightened sperm production. Click here for my free guided meditation to awaken the enlightened golden light energy in your body.

2. Do Kundalini Shaking and Breathwork. The more Kundalini energy, sexual movement, and oxygen you can pump into your balls, the more your sperm will thrive and survive in that death-defying journey down those long fallopian tubes. Yes, your sperm love to bounce, shake and move! It gets their tiny DNA sperm chakras activated! Do my Kundalini Shaking Meditation for at least 20 minutes daily to open your energy channels and also do at least 15 minutes of conscious deep breathwork every day. Flood the body with oxygen and your sperm will swim like super sperm! You can experience my deeply enlightening breathwork journey inside of my Super Manifesting Program.

3. Practice Tantra Sex with your Woman.  This is by far the most important secret of them all. Talk about it together and consciously plan at least 3-6 evenings a week to saunter into the bedroom EARLY in the morning, afternoon, and evening (if you’re a night owl) where you both devote the next 3 to 4+ hours to practice Tantric Sex. This can begin with playing around, enjoying each other sensually, arousing the other, and yes eventually making mad passionate love for many hours. Slow sensual soft gentle tantric touch on the skin will calm down both your nervous systems, allowing your bodies to relax at a much deeper level together. Tantric Intimacy creates a deep healing male/female unification which opens up loads of energetic resources to be fed into generating a higher enlightened quality of sperm. It is also the foundation for enlightened communication and a long-lasting joyful relationship.

4. Learn how to be multi-orgasmic. The more orgasms we men can have without ejaculating the more enlightened energy our team of swimmers will absorb. Whenever you’re practicing Tantric Sex (alone or with a partner), you want your entire focus to remain INSIDE yourself, pulling your orgasmic energy up your spine with your conscious intentional breath. The secret here is circulating your sexual energy in a way that you do not ejaculate. That’s right, whatever you do, don’t let your little swimmers sneak out the front door! Wait until the day before she is truly ovulating to do that. If you breathe with deep focus and tighten the perineum when you reach a possible ejaculatory state, you can pull the sex energy up into your heart, and open your Kundalini healing channel. It’s best to team up with your partner and have her completely stop moving when you give her the “sacred signal” (whoa babe) cause teamwork works best. And lastly, breathing your sexual energy up your spine it prevents you from getting the infamous painful “blue balls”.

5. Talk to your Sperm. Scientists have found that our DNA is a perpetually changing phenomenon and is not fixed.  Dr. Emoto also discovered that we actually physically change the atomic structure of water through the thoughts we think. When you speak positive messages to your sack of swimmers, they hear you and respond accordingly. Tell them they are AMAAAZING! Let them know they are all perfect just the way they uniquely are, and that you love each and every one of them. Within a few days practice, you’ll start to FEEL something inside you is changing. A song in your heart, a new zing in your step, as this is your enlightened swim team joyfully communicating back!

6. Go Vegan. Diet is everything. Return to basic foods. Raw food still contains the enzymes from sunlight inside, and this is the core foundation for your sperm’s enlightenment. Stay away from alcohol and drugs (of course), minimize cooked foods, and absolutely NO pharmaceuticals. Here is google’s recommended sperm increase food list.  Garlic for sperm motility. Walnuts to increase sperm count. Bananas for libido. Broccoli for upbeat swimmers. Asparagus for volume. Ginseng for testosterone and dark chocolate for antioxidants. Oysters have tons of zinc which help sperm production. Pomegranates and avocados are just simply amazing!

7. Go Naked. Stop wearing clothes as much as possible. If you must wear pants make sure they are super LOOSE so everyone can breathe down there. Allow your bare feet touch and FEEL the grass, and let your wild natural animal-like self come out and be free! Clothing constricts and contracts our energy and being naked liberates us energetically. You want your balls to hang and sway freely in the wind as much as possible.  It’s ok to let them bathe in the sunshine too, just don’t overcook them in the sunshine or you’ll have a big sperm roast. Your balls are hidden down there for a reason…so your crown jewels won’t get burnt! It’s good to know that if you eat TONS of dark greens, they are more protected, and slather them with coconut oil (over healthy sunscreen) the kind that you can read and easily understand what ALL the ingredients are. All and all, sperms do best when they are closest to Mother Nature, so whatever you do, keep your cell phone and laptop computer FAR away from your balls. If you need to put your computer on your lap always place a radiation protection shield over you like a large sheet of aluminum foil!

NOTE: After 3 days of practicing these 7 secrets take a moment to NOTICE how you feel. Do you feel more alive, energized, and enlightened? If so, then your sperm is going to feel it too! I hope your deepest desire is to develop a highly conscious baby, so make sure your testicles are vibrating at their peak and you will become well endowed with the most enlightened sperm! Have fun, simply because attitude is everything in the world of manifesting, and this is one of the greatest secrets to creating a truly amazing relationship with your partner who will be carrying your enlightened baby…enjoy!!

“God is there only if you surrender. Surrender makes anything God. Surrender gives you the eyes, and everything that is brought to these eyes becomes Divine. Trust life. Trust God. With trust, something immense opens up.” ~Osho  

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