Enlightening Book of The Week!

 "There is a huge ground, or Presence, in which everything happens. This ground is not a place of knowing but rather a place of open-eyed discovery. There is no knowing ahead of time what will be played; you just discover in the moment the next song comes on."  ~Nirmala

 Nirmala is one our most beloved and enlightening Satsang teachers with whom we’ve received the great privelige to personally sit with.  His piercing intelligence, gentle heart and healing humor can take you instantly into discovering the divine essence of who you are with joy and ease.  We loved his book "Nothing Personal" and found it very enlightening to read to say the least! If you liked what you read above, Click Here to instantly download Chapter One of Nothing Personal for FREE, as well as many other of his enlightening books. Click Here to purchase a physical copy of Nothing Personal, and you can watch a bunch of his enlightening Satsang videos by Clicking Here! Enjoy!   Sending you much enlightening love,

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