Enlightening Techniques that Instantly Increase Self-Confidence

Enlightening Techniques that Instantly Increase Self-Confidence 
Written by Jafree Ozwald 

“Life is like a wild tiger. You can either lie down and let it lay its paw on your head or sit on its back and ride it.” ~Ride the Wild Tiger “Life is like a wild tiger. You can either lie down and let it lay its paw on your head or sit on its back and ride it.” ~Ride the Wild Tiger

One of the most effective ways to manifest anything in life is having true confidence in yourself and in your dreams.  When you feel great about yourself, you send out a powerful positive vibration into the world that comes back to you in the form of amazing opportunities, more abundance, and positive relationships. Having self-confidence is like a magic wand in your pocket. You can pull it out whenever you want and feel that you have the power to miraculously manifest anything!

Self confidence is not hard to create, in fact it’s extremely easy.  Most people don’t know that true confidence is our natural state of being, and when we are fully relaxed in our body, a genuine confident state automatically takes over!   I’ve seen people run in circles for years trying every technique in the book to “acquire” self-confidence, and the more they efforted the less confident they became.  If you have to work at something this hard, there must be a better way!  Below are 4 enlightening techniques I’ve used through the years that are my “golden secrets” to remaining confident in the most challenging life scenarios.  Please share this email with your friends or family if you wish.  I hope you find this information highly enlightening and effective. Enjoy!

1. Relax Deeply Into Your Innermost Core –  Every day that you take time to relax, let go of your life, and rest deep inside, you start connecting with the more spiritual aspects of your being.  There exists a divine all-powerful sacred Self within every one of us. From a deeply relaxed body and a highly conscious/aware mind, you can tap into this awesome spiritual experience and feel that anything is possible! The more connected you are with your spiritual nature, the faster and easier you can manifest whatever it is that you desire, and the more confident you become!  So make time today to slow down from the rat race and rest in your deepest core.  Start with relaxing into your innermost core for 3-5 minutes each day.  By simply creating this intimate spiritual connection within yourself you’ll find that it totally transforms your entire life!

2. Find What Makes You Smile – If you want a little burst of confidence right now, think about what puts a smile on your face first thing in the morning.  Whatever it is, focus on it and imagine that it is happening to you right now!  Let that good feeling come flooding in and show up in your face, then feel it all throughout your body.  Confident people are not afraid to smile, they are full of real smiles!  When you start accessing your inner smile (the part that is truly happy inside you) there is no reason to ever fake a smile again.  So let your true inner smile come out this week, and let those happy feelings reach all those parts of your life that really need it.  This simple technique will instantly help you to FEEL confident again, and know intimately what true confidence feels like from the inside.

3. Be 100% Authentic, Truthful and Real with Everyone – People who rely on false confidence are usually hiding how they truly feel. A truly confident being is not concerned what others think, he/she is always authentic, and real with where they are at in life. The confident person knows that it’s ok to feel pain, express emotions, and understands that stuffing feelings is one of the greatest causes of suffering.  It’s more effective to take the risk to be real, as this energy is what binds people together.  The superficial games many people play keep them locked up in their ego.  They never know the great joy that naturally surfaces from estabishing a deep peaceful connection to their authenticity. There is no fear about what others may say when you are being authentic and real, since you are relaxed and grounded in your infinite spiritual nature.  This real true you become your “home base” and everything that is false and insecure inside will eventually be absorbed by it. 

4. Practice Becoming Very Silent and Still – When you sit very very still, like a solid silent statue for 5 minutes every day, not moving at all, everything in your life will start to become crystal clear.  As the busy beings that we are, it may not come easy at first to learn how to meditate and do absolutely nothing everyday.  Yet, within this stillness and silence there exists such a tremendous freedom.  You instantly find the courage to do whatever you want in life, and this allows the adult in you to be childlike and playful again.  In total silence you get in touch with the spiritual core of you, and discover the naturally confident and charismatic person you truly are inside.  By quieting your mind chatter you let go of all efforting (especially trying to be confident), so that you start to sink deeper into your all-expansive true nature.  Here you engage with life from your infinite divine spiritual essence, and thus life begins greeting you on the same level.  Sit in total silence daily and you will feel more effective in the things that you do, because your actions will stem from a place of feeling connected to the entire Universe! 

 “Success is a journey, not a destination – half the fun is getting there.” ~Gita Bellin

Through exploring these 4 experiences above, you will become the #1 priority in your life, and give yourself permission to be a confident being again.  If you’d like more support on becoming confident, learning how to naturally increase your manifesting abilities, manifest a better financial situation, relationship, career, health, or just want to know exactly how to create the dream life you desire… instantly download our Super Manifesting Program below!  Enjoy!

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Enjoy the grace and ease of finding 100% confidence today!
Jafree Ozwald

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