Enlightenment Is The Beyond The Victim


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Enlightenment Is Beyond The Victim

Written by Jafree Ozwald


“The illiterate of the world are not those who cannot read or write. It is those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” ~ Alvin Toffler

One of the essential steps we can take into our journey of inner healing is learning how to shift from the victim role into the conscious manifestor role. This means accepting that every past heartfelt wound, every emotional upset, every triggering event and person you’ve encountered, was something that happened for you, and not to you. This shift into the conscious ownership of our wounding reclaims our means to take on our real power and experience our true spiritual responsibility. By owning the victim games that we manifested, we are forced to release ourselves from any future games that may rise up, and become super creative in our exploration of discovering our highest spiritual experience in life.

Playing the victim role happens only when we are seeing one side of the coin. Every situation in life contains three perspectives, the good, the bad, and what’s in between the two. The greatest evolution in consciousness is revealed when we can see all three sides clearly and not get stuck in any particular side. Playing the victim, perpetrator, or hero role all come from a helpless powerless ego. It is only from opening up to this broader vision of reality that we can transcend all three roles and become the enlightened artist who is consciously sculpting a masterpiece out of every situation in our lives.

As we learn to acknowledge that every situation we are in is an opportunity to dive deeper inside ourselves and heal the past wounding buried in our emotional basement, we simply stop manifesting more wounded situations. By seeing pain as a blessed wake up call, we can welcome it’s alerting message and not take this personally in our relationships. We can see that the Universe is on our side ALL the time, perpetually deeply devoted to helping us wake up out of our righteous slumber and evolve.

By befriending our pain we naturally grow up, and become more loving conscious human beings. It is only from this loving free space that we can form a 100% pure conscious intention to manifest what we truly want in our lives. The reason why we aren’t attracting all our desires instantly is because our intentions have been clouded by a powerless ego who has been addicted to victim-like excuses. It is our over-identification with our ego that makes our intentions weak, tainted and blurry. When we realize how clear our consciousness can be when its free from ego, we instantly shift into manifesting our heart’s desires without any effort at all.

They say that all roads eventually lead to Rome, yet I find that this path of conscious co-creation is the fastest and easiest road to manifesting the life of your dreams. It contains the quickest, clearest and most empowering path to revealing our most authentic, radiant and divine inner self.  As we consciously create our lives, we see that there actually cannot be any real victims in this world.  Once we are conscious that we are the one and only all powerful, all knowing, divine manifestors of our lives, then we have to stop blame game and take full responsibility for everything we’re creating.  We cannot hold others responsible for any wrong doing, because we’ve realized that the Universe cannot ever make a mistake, and what we see as “wrong” is simply one side of the coin and a misperception.  As we run out of excuses for playing small by belittling our inner world, we quit stopping ourselves from living out our highest life purpose and mission.

“The roses bloom so beautifully because they are not trying to become lotuses. The lotuses bloom so beautifully because they have not heard the legends about other flowers. Just be yourself and remember you cannot be anything else, whatsoever you do. All effort is futile. You have to be just yourself.” ~Osho

I think what I find most interesting in all of this is that on some level we each need to go through the experience of knowing how painful it is to play the victim game, so that we have compassion for those who are still stuck in it.  Nobody is to blame for their actions as long as karma and past lives are in effect.  Every life experience we manifest is based on our karma (meaning the past actions we’ve taken in this life or past lives) and this is truly what’s causing us to attract similar situations, relationships and outcomes. For example, if somebody treats their family member in a condescending or unfriendly way, their tendency would be to continue treating them that same way until they became conscious enough to choose a different response.

It is only through diving through the dark night of the soul that we can feel the pain deep enough to transcend its karmic hook within us. When we become conscious enough, we can take full responsibility for all of our past actions and karmas, and then we hold the power to forgive and liberate ourselves from any harmful words or actions we have done. We can reclaim our power to heal every ancient wound inside us, as long as we are conscious of it.  From this conscious space, we can greet the world with a truly compassionate feeling of connection and loving awareness.

It’s my personal understanding that every soul has come to Earth deeply to heal themselves and help others heal. There would be no rational reason why we create all this injustice, abuse, fighting, wars, violence, mental and emotional trauma, unless the final goal was to experience profound healing and unconditional love. Every atrocity man has done has a purpose and deeper spiritual reason for it’s being. There are no spiritual accidents. The destruction we see around us is a measurement of humanity’s level of consciousness. When enough people stop pretending they are asleep, and own up to their responsibility as the all powerful divine manifesting beings that they are, a greater awareness and sensitivity will be brought to the world and all harmful actions will cease to exist. We will naturally understand that all violent actions done to others are done to ourselves, and any desire to hurt another being will subside on its own accord.

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Sending lots of love and lightness,
Jafree Ozwald


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