Enlightenment Is The Ultimate Maturity


Enlightenment Is The Ultimate Maturity
By Jafree Ozwald

Enlightenment is the Mount Everest in human consciousness. There is nothing greater in life to discover.  It is the peak of ones existence that naturally blossoms when you’ve reached a sweet ripe maturity within every area of your life.  Full enlightenment is not just about reaching a transcendental state of bliss through meditation.  The real deal means you’ve also integrated this expanded understanding into your personal life.  When you have mastered your relationships with people, money, food, sex, health, your body, feelings, thoughts and everything on your inner and outer world, then enlightenment simply finds you.  It doesn’t have to take very long, the moment you discover a deep and complete peace within every area of your life, you will have reached the highest level of maturity and reveal what the enlightened state is all about.

One can only achieve their highest enlightened state when one has grown, evolved and come to know all parts of themselves intimately.  The full ripening and maturity of ones life means you have found peace with yourself, which overflows onto everyone and everything in your outer world.  Enlightenment is a flowering of your divinity that naturally blossoms when you have relinquished this inner battle within you.  When you discover the Source of every thought, memory and feeling on your inner world, you instantly liberate yourself from them. The experience of enlightenment is something quite mysterious and very challenging to capture with words.  It is a state of profound presence that is coming from the beyond, and is heading back into the beyond.  If you are an individual who wants to traverse this spiritually advanced path, there a few things you’ll want to know about the various levels of maturity.

If a man becomes “enlightened” in a Himalayan cave, then later returns to the city to find himself overwhelmed with stress, strife and struggle, he hasn’t reached his full maturity yet. The ultimate maturity means you are always abiding at your peaceful center, breathing deeply as the “I” of the hurricane, enjoying the cosmic play spinning around you.  This level of maturity comes with tremendous awareness, a consciousness that burns through the ego/mind, and doesn’t let you get snagged in the cyclone of people’s’ drama. The result of constantly abiding at your peaceful center is the continuous realization that a perpetual state of joy, bliss, love and freedom is always at the source of who you are.  These realizations lead one into the ultimate maturity, which ironically has the qualities of trees in a bamboo forest.  Each individual tree contains an incredible strength as well as amazing flexibility. Their roots are deeply intertwined, this allows them to connect with the souls of everyone around them, creating a feeling of a tight loving family with every new sprout that joins the forest.

True maturity is something that’s often misunderstood in our society.  This “enlightened maturity” is unique in that it contains a childlike playfulness at the core, a constant state of receptivity to each new experience, and a profound humility that stems from the willingness to merge with everyone’s heart.  Although a peaceful stillness is always found at the very core of the mature soul, they are easily inspired, outrageous in their ideas and simply excited about being alive in this amazing multidimensional Universe.  The immature soul is easy to identify as he/she will put others down to lift him/herself up.  Since they abide in ego, they always live in a constant state of insecurity because they haven’t yet found the courage to venture deep inside, to the very core of their being, and discover the vast cosmic consciousness and all-forgiving love that’s always there.

Maturity certainly isn’t something attained through age or adulthood.  There are many children these days who are more mature than many adults, and the numbers seem to be increasing!  The ultimate maturity comes through a welcoming of the large variety of different “hot and cold” experiences life gives you.  It is a willingness to patiently bear the emotional storms of life, knowing always that everything is temporary and this too shall pass away.  This cosmic understanding leads to the ripening of consciousness.  And as Osho once said, “The ripened fruit simply falls from the tree.”  When your consciousness is fully ripe and mature, your burdens, difficulties and problems in life will naturally fall away.  You’ll stop manifesting them because your consciousness will be sooooo high, that you couldn’t be entertained or “hooked” by the ego/mind’s illusion once again.

You must know that this Mount Everest of enlightenment is tremendously high, and there are many many old unconscious patterns from your past that need to resurface to be transcended along the way.  To climb this peak in your Sunday slippers simply means the journey wasn’t a real adventure, yet only a lazy stroll through your neighborhood park.  If you yourself are spiritually awake, yet find yourself falling back into your ego’s dramatic play again and again, do not be discouraged.  This is just one stage of the ripening process.  The secret here is consciously allowing yourself to fall back into ego/mind, and when it happens do it with utter awareness.  Bring pure consciousness into the ego/mind and let the two merge.  This will burn away your past karmic conditioning faster than chanting a billion mantras and truly liberate you!  We are all swinging on this pendulum that flows between the ego and spirit, and there’s no getting off this ride until you have mastered it.  This mastery is your journey into maturity.  So with pure awareness meet and greet every ego/mind you encounter.  Watch how the ego rises and falls, all the while you are witnessing it, relaxed at the core and in a state of awe of this great pendulum.

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Enjoy this enlightening day today!
Jafree Ozwald

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