Enlightenment Is Welcoming Judgment

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Enlightenment Is Welcoming Judgment

Written by Jafree Ozwald

“Master your Thoughts.” ~ Buddha

There are a thousand paths to enlightenment, and a million doors we can walk through to experience this moment as divine. One of these precious doors is not so easy or obvious to see, yet we unconsciously step through it every single day. It is the perpetual swinging door of judgment. We are so often unaware whenever we are passing judgment, and oblivious of how it is a secret passageway to the most enlightened and heavenly state of being.

No matter if we are conscious human beings or not, the mind is constantly judging ourselves, other people, this world, and anything that it can get a hold of. The mind was born with this master-like judge-a-holic power. It can judge anything in milliseconds. You may not have realized this it, yet probably in the last 15 minutes your mind passed 10 judgments on yourself, someone else, or something in the world around you as either good or bad. The judgmental mind is perpetually busy working away at labeling life, and this work-a-holic is a slippery gremlin to catch. We are so accustomed to the mind judging everything in life. It’s as if we’ve been soaking our hands in warm water for 25 years, and we don’t realize that it’s completely wrinkled and about to fall off.

So just to clarify exactly what judgment is for me. Judgment is the mind labeling something in life as either good or bad, but not both. It is a one-sided viewpoint of existence, which separates and divides. Interestingly, judgment manifests only when we are living up in the head and are disconnected from our heart. When we are living from the heart, the mind cannot judge. This occurs because the heart is free from duality, and the mind can only exist in duality, seeing black and white. The heart cannot get hooked in whatever the mind believes is only good or only bad. When the heart is leading the way, we are free from the perpetual prison of the judging mind.

If we are to be free from judgment, we must drop out of the head and into the heart. The mind will quiet, and become very still. From this space we can watch our mind closely and see just how slippery it’s judgmental habit is. We can see how it tends to avoid what it deems as scary. The mind often believes that, “If I get what I want, this is good and then I will be happy. And if I get what I don’t want, this is bad and then I will be unhappy.” The more enlightened path however is understanding that in this great divine supreme all intelligent Universe we are going to get it all. We always always always get what we want AND what we don’t want.

For example, we might manifest our dream partner or soul mate, only to later realize that they trigger our deepest darkest issues and childhood insecurities to surface everyday. Or perhaps we spend half our life running in the great societal rat race, being devoted to striving, achieving big luxurious dreams, and becoming financially free. Only to realize later that we missed out on so many beautiful sunsets while we were indoors chasing some fantasy. Life always both. We get death and birth. We always get both, and this polar opposite is inside everything that exists. The yin is contained within the yang, and the yang within the yin.

The more often we practice seeing, feeling into and accepting how we always get what we want AND what we don’t want in life, the judgmental mind just drops on it’s own accord. We naturally start living everyday in deep harmony with existence. We become vulnerable to existence again, and in this sweet humility we can feel the great perfection of life. We deeply accept that this existence is the expression of the highest intelligence, and that the good/bad judgment plan is the smartest plan available from God to create a spiritual awakening experience inside every being on this Earth.

 I challenge you to see if you can find a single situation, person or thing of this world that is only 100% positive, and does not also have the tiniest hidden negative by-product within it? If you think you found something like a new flower budding or an amazing sunset, just wait and investigate it a bit longer, as both sides will eventually show. There is always another side to the coin, as the flower will one day wither away and the amazing sunset colors always fade into the darkness. We always get both. The rose always comes with a few thorns, even if they are small.

My invitation for you today is to free yourself from the judgment habit. You can do this. Just start looking deeper into yourself and accept any judgments you may have. I am too fat, too short, too ugly, too poor, too dumb, too smart, too much in my head! Welcome all the judgments you have about yourself, and just don’t reject, avoid or judge them!  See them for what they are. They are one sided judgments that you have about you! When you can truly see and welcome the judgment, it will have less energy and magnetic pull on you. In a matter a minutes, the contracting hard feeling around the judgmental thought will lessen, drop into stillness, and you will become truly free from it.

 As far as this welcoming process works, the secret is moving totally into the experience of judging. When you consciously are feeling ONLY one side of the judgment, awareness grows in you. You cannot fall into that old judgment again so easily next time. You can see just how it impacts your mind, emotions and heart. When you remain in a one sided experience of life deeply and fully for a long time, something inside you will soon tire, and then the judgment pendulum just swings to the other side.

For example, you may feel and say, “I am never good enough, I cannot do anything right.” After welcoming that judgment and feeling for 5-10 or even 20 minutes, something in you will exhaust itself, release the contraction and wake up. This smaller more enlightened aspect inside you will sneak in and perceive that on some level you are doing EVERYTHING right and you are totally good enough. When you welcome judgment, the judgment pendulum soon swinsg, and this allows you to know what perfect peace feels like.

Now some people may think that always welcoming and acknowledging both the good and bad in life is just some boring, fatalistic, nihilistic, uncreative path that only leads to a state of apathy. Quite the contrary is true. By learning to accept and welcome it all, we find that we are truly ok with everything that is, and feel a more spacious quality within ourselves. We feel we have more time to develop our ability to expand consciousness, and relax into our lives. From this expanded space, we dramatically increase our manifesting vibration, deepen our state of inner peace, and become a magnet for the most amazing life situations to occur.

You will find that the welcoming process is extremely powerful, simply because it leaves nothing out. It comes from a deep spiritual place inside you that is saying YES to the totality of your existence. You are just not interested in fighting, proving anything or resisting life anymore. Instead, you move and feel totally fluid like water, without resistance, force or control. In this state, its soooo easy to realize that God is everywhere and in everything.

Don’t judge a day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

It is this deep welcoming mind that creates an enlightened mindset, where you actually feel, see and understand the divine perfection of life. We become more interesting people as we stop wasting our energy trying to negate others, ourselves, or continuously be upset with the way life is. In a mind that is free from all judgments of ourselves and others, we naturally appreciate it all. We can see that the glass is half empty and half full at the same time. We can feel this infinite empty Universe all around us, and also sense how the sun is always rising somewhere on the planet sharing and radiating it’s brilliant light.

Living in the enlightened mindset is like floating in a sea of orgasm. Waves of deep cosmic opening to joy, happiness, appreciation and ecstasy can actually waft through our body at anytime. When the mind is not occupied with judgments, we have more energy to make more love, explore our spiritual nature, and taste the freedom that exists at the core of our being. When we can live daily in this enlightened mindset, everything inside us changes. All the previous pain we’ve been carrying seemed to have mysteriously disappeared. We can naturally and fully relax into our divine balanced nature.

What I find is the most interesting aspect of all, is that this judgment free enlightened mind is our most natural state. It is already inside us, and exists at the core of who we are. At the seed of our consciousness itself. We can only experience it directly however, when we have respect and reverence for the perfect balance that exists in everything. When we acknowledge the divine balance within every situation, person, coincidence, accident, belief, memory and atom throughout the Universe, we can open up to it. The more acceptance we have that there’s always good in the bad, and bad in good, something deeper inside us lets go and we can finally relax into our deepest spiritual experience of life. When the mind calls off the search for defining and redefining what’s good and bad, we have an infinite reservoir of creative energy to surrender fully to our soul.

This enlightened life is not just about cultivating a deeper relationship with our mind, it’s about getting beyond the mind. When we master our mind, we no longer live in fear. When the mind falls from it’s altar, we rise to the summit. As we learn how to drop into a perpetual state of surrender, allowing the greater intelligence of the Universe to run the entire show, we see how every precious moment in life has this bigger Universal force behind it all. In seeing this, the mind totally gives up, and we realize that we have become the perfection that exists within everything.  

With enough awareness, we can totally stop the judgmental mind habit and wake up from the addiction. Then, we’ll know what real freedom is like, and nothing else will satisfy more than this freedom. This true freedom is free from all forms of pain. It is the greatest experience of this life. This means the mind can slip back into clinging to delusion and desire, and you don’t. The mind might crave, whine and yearn to be free, yet you know that YOU are the one behind it who is actually already free. You remain the watcher, deeply detached and liberated from the mind’s antics. It’s the greatest blessing of all when you realize that you are not your mind.

The more we practice welcoming judgments, the easier it becomes to see the mind and how to be free from it. When we can always see the good, the bad, and the balanced meeting of the two, then the struggle of life doesn’t matter so much anymore. The mind soon gets trained to only see balance and perfection. It automatically observes how the good is in the bad, and the bad is in the good, and how these two worlds always collide and there is nothing left but freedom. There is just the pure observer, watching and witnessing it all.

“Rely on the essence of your pure Wisdom Mind, not on judgmental perceptions. Rely on the spirit and meaning of the teachings, not on the words.” ~ Buddhist Teaching

The enlightened judgment free mind is always available, and shows up when we release the need to be right, and instead create more room to be happy. Happiness through inner peace becomes the goal, instead of striving, and focusing on surviving this life. With inner peace as the priority, the dualistic mind soon becomes free from attachment, desire, resistance and contraction. We surrender to the heart and can actually feel deeply OK with whatever manifests and does not manifest in our lives.

This enlightened mindset is not hard to achieve, it just takes the most deeply rooted devotion to ourselves. We must be willing to know ourselves intimately, and never stray from exploring further about who and what we are. This exploration leads to a profound honoring of the sacredness in all things in life. We start honoring that this balanced state of perfection is everywhere, and we have nothing to complain about or try to change in ourselves anymore. Instead, we start worshipping everything around us. We see everything and everyone as the divine in physical form. We bow down to this very ordinary life and call it God. We look into a blade of grass and understand how it’s just as sacred and important as our entire galaxy.

To remain in a judgment free enlightened mind everyday, we must look at what cannot be looked at, and revel in being totally real with our pain. If we wish to remain liberated, we must be willing to see where we are still in prison, fighting to get out. As long as we are fighting we are still not truly free. So we must always be aware of the slippery mind. We must never allow the sneaky judgments to take over us again. We must be 100% creatively devoted to continuously being awake, aware, and ready to step beyond a seemingly safe judgmental world.

We must become the black sheep of this world if we are to be truly free. We cannot ever agree with anyone who says that some things are just 100% bad, and nothing good at all will ever come out of it. We must stop all movement whenever any judgment arises. We must watch our thoughts and beliefs vigilantly, be totally aware whenever the mind starts believing in some final truth. We must do everything we can so that the ego cannot harden and cling to any opinions formed, or thoughts containing right and wrong beliefs. This path takes some serious devotion.

“Blaming holds you in the energy of the duality, of victim and abuser. Forgiving is a direct way of reclaiming your power and free yourself to love beyond judgment.”~ Grace Elohim

Some people will tell you how the Universe is not already in a perfect design. They might try to make you believer that you should only get what you want, and nothing else. This seems like the ideal situation to be in right? Well, the spiritual awakening process is always much deeper and more complex than it appears to be. If the Universe was set up this way, the great mystery would be gone. If we should never know what a block, problem, pain or failure was like, we would be without direction, feel perpetually numb, and have no longing to dig deep inside our souls to find our life mission, creativity and spiritual path.

The Universe is already set up in the most intelligent manner. It’s designed so that we can get a good solid taste of suffering, anxiety or inner turmoil and use it to awaken with. Whenever we go unconscious and forget the divine all intelligent Universe is everywhere around us, we instantly suffer. Whenever we allow the mind to form any judgment and register only one side of reality, our problems begin. The Universe loves us soooooo much that it doesn’t want us to live in any lie. So it wakes us up with a little stress, anxiety or emotional pain. If we don’t stop and drop our judgments, another level of suffering will soon manifest. This pain is our most perfect and most loving teacher, and by welcoming it fully, we are lead back to our real state of love, enlightenment and freedom.

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Jafree Ozwald

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