Enlightenment Through Giving

Enlightenment Through Giving By Jafree Ozwald www.EnlightenedBeings.com

"Turn within and you will become free and liberated,
because it’s all a dream."  ~Robert Adams

There are two types of giving in this world.  Giving to get something in return and giving for the pure joy and freedom of it.  The first type of giving is attached to all sorts of expectations, attachments, and desires.  The second type simply gives because you are coming from a state of abundance and are sharing that overflow with others.  This is the easiest way to tap into your unlimited creative loving nature is to practice giving it away.

You may ask how can something as simple as "giving" lead one into such a high transcended experience such as enlightenment?  When you practice giving freely without expectations of anything in return, you’re liberating yourself from the confines of your ego. The ego is always out to get something because it doesn’t see, feel or believe that its connected to an infinite abundant God-Source.  If you’re always on the prowl, looking to "get" something from this outer world, then you’re living as an ego-trip and not knowing yourself as this divine connection inside. Giving without expectations eventually liberates you from the ego, giving the experience of being free from the past and future which eventually will lead you to enlightenment.

Each moment we have the opportunity to give from your divine Source, or from the ego. Every day there are thousands of opportunities to give. You can offer someone a positive thought, a smile, a kind gesture, a look of acceptance, gentle eyes that say everything is OK, and even a warm healing hug!  Imagine that this was your life mission! How would you feel at the end of 24 hours?  I imagine you’d either be floating on Cloud 9 or simply bubbling with a tremendous giddiness inside!

As long as you’re alive, you have the power to give from an infinite supply of love. These conscious acts of kindness will transform your life in the most amazing ways!  Just like anything in life, the more you practice it the better you’ll get at it.  Be patient, you’ll gain courage the more the ego lets love take control.  Remember that every human being receives the gift of love in these 5 special and unique ways:

  1. Physical Touch

2. Time spent together

3. Actions from the heart

4. Loving Words

5. Physical Gifts

Notice which of these you enjoy giving the most, and take a poll as to which of your friends, family members and your intimate loved ones enjoy receiving the most.  This knowledge is worth more than gold and will make your life truly abundant on all levels.  It’s good to know that this is not an exercise in being a professional "people pleaser".  Its more about being sensitive to how unique everyone is, and how you can truly touch someone’s soul if you honestly wish to.  Implementing this wisdom on a daily basis will lead you to the enlightened state and is by far the best gift you could ever give yourself.

Your assignment for the next week is to practice the joy of giving!  Find out which one of these 5 ways that your loved ones MOST enjoy receiving the gift of love!  Then practice giving to them in that specific way as often as you can.  Notice what happens in your relationship over the course of the next week!  Make giving selflessly a priority in your life and you’ll receive the true enlightened gift of giving.  It will transform how you feel about yourself, this world and everyone in it.  Enjoy!

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Sending many loving thoughts your way,
Jafree Ozwald

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