Exercising your Manifesting Muscles

Exercising your Manifesting MusclesBy Jafree twww.manifestingmagnet.com

Are you a manifesting coach potato?  While you may already be manifesting some of the things you want, there is another level of manifesting you could experience if only you just started training your manifesting muscles.  Your manifesting muscles will get weak when you do not exercise them regularly.  Some indications that you may be suffering from flabby degenerating manifesting muscles are vague intentions, feeling stuck in the same situations, incessant laziness, feeling like you’re wasting time, and just not manifesting a truly enjoyable life that you love.  It’s spring now and time to turn off the T.V, get off that cozy coach, and start having more FUN! 

The secret to strengthening your manifesting muscles is to work them out on a daily basis.  In fact, just like exercising at the gym, it is important to create a daily manifesting workout routine.  What does this look like?  One of the first steps in starting your manifesting workout is starting your day with a BIG YES!  Wake and begin focusing your attention on the energy of "yes" instead of "no".  If you’re getting up thinking about what you don’t want to do, who you don’t want to be with, instead of what/who you do want… then your manifesting muscles are getting weaker and flabbier!

The very instant you wake up, start by saying “YES” to who you are, where you are in your life today, the people in your life, to your past exactly as it is, and to any future experiences you want to create!!  Feeling excited about your life exactly as it is right now, is what this YES is all about.  If you can, start saying YES out loud!  It is a super positive, life empowering energy that will sink into your subconscious and echo throughout your day.  It is the word that every powerful and magical manifesting being uses, and is the one vibration that cannot be repeated too much. As you speak or think “YES”, let your mind also focus on that which you have trouble saying “YES” to in your life.  Perhaps it’s your current financial situation, an event buried in your past, something in your future, your body, a family member, an enemy who was once a friend, a lover, anything and everything you have ANY resistance to!  Whatever we resist persists, and saying YES to existence exactly the way it is will empower you to transcend the small items holding you back energetically and create a new relationship with them.  Saying YES is a way to let go of your current attachment to the way you think your life “should” be, and become totally free to attract what you truly want!   The more you practice saying "yes" to life, the more you strengthen you ability to attract what you want and desire. 

In our 90 day manifesting program, we outline all 8 daily habits that will make your manifesting muscles look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.   Go to www.manifestingmagnet.com to download our FREE chapter of the Manifesting Manual and start in on the 90 Day Manifesting Program!   Soon you’ll strengthen your manifesting muscles enough to become an unstoppable Manifesting Magnet! Enjoy!   Big Blessings to you,Jafree twww.EnlightenedBeings.com

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