Experiencing the Divine Perfection in Everything

Experiencing the Divine Perfection in EverythingBy Margot Zaher & Jafree Ozwald

The world has a natural order and perfection that is easy to experience if we just focus our awareness in that direction.  As you know, what you put your energy on grows stronger.  The more you take time to look for the beauty and the perfection around you, the more you’ll see, feel, and experience the awesome Divine energy that is within all beings and things on the planet.  It’s only your mind that stops you from percieving and seeing the Divine in every experience, person, and thing.  The mind tends to complain about things that it perceives as bad or wrong because it is not in alignment with its plans or expectations. While the mind mind may grumble and get upset about these experiences, in hindsight we can always see the perfect and gift in every perceived "negative" event if we look deep enough with quiet introspection.

If life were a big beautiful puzzle, the mind can only perceive one piece of the puzzle that you are currently holding and not the entire assembled puzzle.  Your mind has this misconception that the world is not perfect because things sometimes do not go according to its plan.  Yet, the mind believes it is the one that is responsible for managing your world.  The truth is the mind is not the only Supreme ruler of the entire Universe so your mind has no idea how the whole puzzle is going to look once it is assembled, or how all of the pieces of the puzzle of life are going to fit together.  Yet, you can trust that the Universe does have a grand design and that all of the pieces are perfect even in their perceived imperfections.

Take the one day Divine perfection challenge.  For one day, I challenge you to spend your time seeing and feeling how the world is utterly perfect exactly as it is.  Wake up in the morning and notice the perfection of the weather whether its super hot, freezing, or raining.  Next look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and see the perfection of your face looking back at you.  At work, play with how absolutely divinely your work is unfolding and how amazingly perfect your colleagues are.   Over dinner, notice the divine perfection in your children, partner, or housemate.  Even while you are driving, focus on how perfect it is for someone to cut you off in traffic or for there to be a traffic jam four miles long.   At the end of the day, notice how different you feel after spending the day bathing in the deep knowingness that all is Divine.  Just spend 5 minutes exploring the difference you feel in your bodymind and heart.   

You will see that this new perspective on life does something magical to your entire being.  It allows the mindbody to let go and come to a deeper sense of peace and trust.  When you trust the Universe, your ability to manifest your desires dramatically increases.  You start naturally sending out a higher vibration of energy that attracts to you what you desire.  So let go and start enjoying the perfection that is in you and in all things from the smallest flower to the tallest skyscraper.

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Many blessings to you,

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